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    One of the things I loved the most about living in Germany/Western Europe for 3 years was the chance to see and go to, many of the things I'd only read about. I've always been a history buff, mostly military history but history in general, and having the chance to actually see "Flanders Fields" , Aachen, Remagen, London etc. was like a dream come true.

    I'm not personally all that super interested in my ancestors, but there are a few "interesting" facts about my ancestry.
    The Jones's (my branch at least) came from Wales in the late 1700's as indentured servants.

    Me and my father are/were (he's dead) the only male Jones's who weren't preacher's.

    I had a great great great great (not sure the number of "great's" and will NOT be calling my Aunt who researched all this!), grandfather who was hanged as a Union Spy by the traitorous rabble that was the confederacy.

    I am the oldest male ever in my branch of Jones's.

    Anyone have any interest in your family history? Or history in general?
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    My grandad was a steeplejack, and a greyhound racer, he also was a boxer in fairgrounds and a gamekeeper for the guiness brewery. My other grandad was a British officer in India. My uncle was in the Russian convoys and used to be able to here torpedo's coming in the boiler room.

    My aunties were nurses and factory workers. My other great granny sat in an old rocking chair all day by the fire and scared the bejesus out of her grandkids, some folks say she was was a witch she was
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