Give it a chance, please.

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    Mar 9, 2009
    Hi to all, first off.

    Just to say that I am really looking forward to more adventures aboard the small rouge one. But please please please give it a chance before condeming it. I realise series 7 and 8 werent favorites for a lot of people, but take a step back and look at them for what they are.
    Season 7 had a very filmlike quality and remember we are talking about a sitcom here. What they managaed to do with their budget was astounding. I dont see any tanks blowing up people in period costume in My Family (nor a redo of the JFK assasination).

    Season 8 had a lot more comedy come from the visual elements and teh character interaction, it is a little more slap-stick. But go back and look at a few earlier episodes with the cat in and those elements are very much there. Season 8 brought in a lot of "new" characters. Not just kochanski here, but practically the whole RD crew. Apart from the first episode, the main red dwarf crew was only in little snippets so there was a lot of "introductions" to be made for characters that we had known about for 9 years. Also the cassandra episode was superb, right up there with gunmen of the apocalypse.

    Every season of Red Dwarf has had its own uniqueness, but lets not judge the new stuff until weve seen it. Which isnt too long now fortunately.

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