Holly in XIII???

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    OK, we're discussing this in many threads now and I think it deserves it's own thread.

    The story so far...
    Norman Lovett told fans in Salisbury he will be in every episode of Red Dwarf XIII. Later, he said it could happen, but it's not confirmed yet.

    Do you think he will return to Red Dwarf as main star?
    I hope so.
    If Norman was Holly, is there any chance we will see Hattie Hayridge in Red Dwarf?
    I think she really deserves it. She hadn't been in the show since 1992. Maybe Norman will be permanent Holly and Hattie will guest star in one episode as Hilly.
    Maybe Hattie is returning and Norman is smegged off, so he keeps saying it will be him.
    Is Holly going to get proper re-introducing episode?
    I hope so.

    I know this looks like interview with myself, but I want or opinions on this.
    I know it isn't confirmed and we're basically discussing rumours, but if it was true (please!), all the media would start big hype. Then we could just say: "Look, we were discussing this ages before you."

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