"I just want you to know that, over the years,

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  1. Springyard

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    I've come to regard you as people I.. met."

    It might not jump off the page as funny but I think it's a classically Dwarf joke because it's at a potentially pivotal moment for Rimmer and the rest of the crew. They might never see each other again, it sounds as if, for once, Rimmer's going to give grudging respect but, instead, after a build up where he says that he knows that they haven't always got along, he gives the most neutral of possible clauses to that.

    It's almost the same spirit of a joke as saying 'You know, some people say you're just a drunk, a hideous human being..' as I think Seth Macfarlane said in his introduction to the comedy roast of David Hasselhoff and then, matter of factly, that turns out to be the end of the sentence.

    Excuse my rambling. I love the great variety of types of jokes that there are in Red Dwarf.
  2. Bluey

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    Jul 28, 2001
    It's a fantastic line and one that sums Rimmer up perfectly.
  3. FeeBee

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    Jan 4, 2016
    That is one of my favourite lines in Red Dwarf :lol: It's perfect the way it was said.

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