I loved it!

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by Heliosphan, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Heliosphan

    Heliosphan Skutter

    Oct 4, 2012
    Hello all, a very long time Red Dwarf fan here!
    I must say I really loved it, 8/10 from me, agreed that somebody else thought Lister's acting was a bit over the top, but okay. It captured some of the original 'feel' although it's tough to identify quite how.
    Age has taken it's toll on everybody, as it was in B2E, can't get over the rings under Kryten's eyes, and the StirMaster phone order was a nice plot+comedy mechanism, but wholely unbelievable in this Internet age!
    A real shame that six episodes is it per season, seems really short in this day and age.
    Wasn't it true that there were, maybe, two six ep seasons a year when it was on the BBC? Somehow can't see that happening here. :-(
    All in all, a very satisfying watch, I think it makes up for the relative disaster that was B2E.

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