I think "I" didn't like it so much because...

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by Gavavva, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Gavavva

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    Apr 8, 2009
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    I think "I" didn't like it so much because Doug's just not making a TV show here and it shows quite a lot. Guys this new Red Dwarf has been shown in the worst possible way... Its been split into three "episodes" which, to be fair, don't work. This is a film, split in three different pieces, and its clear its not really supposed to be seen that way. The pacing is totally off for a series IMO, and would work better as a 90min piece, not to mention the advert breaks and ending of the first episode were SO random and just appear from nowhere.

    Now, the lack of laughter, the random breaks, the fact that it gets good after you watch it back (I watched it three times last night, it got better each time) and the fact its really just set up like a film... It shocks me they made this a three parter. Both me and the other half wanted more, but we wanted more there and then, not the next day.

    Maybe the laughter is a huge issue. For me it was. I got flashbacks of watching Season VII, one of the worst IMO, and when you watch the episodes with no laughter in (DVD extra) it really does seem like the same show. But for me, I think this would of worked 100x better if they waited until Easter Sunday and just had the entire thing as one single show.

    I'm a Dwarfer, through and through. But I hope tonight the show really does impress me. Last night was something different... Too much CGI, not enough cheap effects (I was SCREAMING for a scene in a dim lit room with ASDA packing crates on the walls) and no real gags... I dunno. The guys have my money for the DVD, its the best I can do short of donating, I love the crew that much. But maybe the problem is that they made the show TOO GOOD, so good in fact that it lost the very core of what Red Dwarf was, the Dwarf we love... A show that lasts 25mins, has fast and in your face gags, laughter, and really shoddy sets.

    Episode 1 was a fitting title... But remember guys, Episode 2 was much better just with an annoying hair style from Obi-Wan, and Episode 3 was awesome with an amazing ending and a fantastic battle... But if Jar Jar shows up, I "will" cry...
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    Thread locked. By all means continue in the main Episode One discussion.
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