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    these are my ideas for upcoming stories to help tie up all previous stroy lines and help finish the shows off properly

    Red Dwarf
    Series 9

    1. ‘only the good part 2’ (in the mirror universe), our crew meet the mirror crew , Rimmer almost breaks the ship and get punch drunk with his new powers, he shouts stupid orders and enjoy telling 2nd techs Hollister that he will amount to nothing. Lister while drunk in the bar explains what it’s like in his universe, where Hollister is the captain and Rimmer is just a smeg head, this causes hostilities. Our crew realise that they are experiencing accelerated aging (cat hair is grey and his ass is big, Rimmer is greying and Lister is full of aches and pains) they must find a way to leave the mirror universe. Professor cat helps them reconstruct the ‘unit’. Kochanski discover that professor cat may be able to help her get back to her own universe with the device too! They leave the ship rioting! Dave takes a consignment of curry and beer and leaves ‘they don’t need it!’

    2. ‘all night in’ back in our universe Kochanski tell Dave and the crew that she needs to use the ‘unit’ to search for her universe and find her own Lister (in fact she tells Kryten that she must return to her Lister and her universe and she cant cope with Lister's constant drinking and want him to find happiness with his own Kochanski). Lister goes off the rails with his new stock of beer and curry and is drunk all the time and trying things to keep her happy, reminiscing about the old times. Lister realises that things are not perfect between them, but insist that they should try to make it work. He wines and dines, get drunk at the dinner start talking bout his plans, about Fiji, about her in a dress, and bout children, their children but their relationship becomes too claustrophobic for her. She confesses to Kryten, he in turn explains that he can help her get back home but they must not tell Lister, because he will use the ‘unit’ to get her back if he knows she is out there!

    3. ‘Sacrifice’ (Whilst returning to the ‘red dwarf’ Kochanski and (anal original) Rimmer are killed in an accident, Kochanski (she seizes the opportunity and uses the unit to leave the universe). Rimmer returns as a hologram to look after Dave and keep him sane! Dave starts been depressed by been left alone again. He puts himself in the way of danger ‘I’ve got nothing to live for!’

    4. ‘strange tales’ (Rimmer is a hologram, The crew, Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, cat and holly, are back aboard red dwarf minus the crew, just like the first series!) Dave is permanently drunk, Ace Rimmer (our Rimmer) returns with tails of the planet ‘Fuchal’ (Fiji) he agrees to take them there to meet cats family, but ace realises that he must motivate Rimmer to help Lister overcome his loss of Kochanski and to help him stop his heavy drinking, they have a cinema night and Lister take out his old pictures of the old Kochanski, ‘I want to get her back’

    5. ’meet the felines’ (Cat meets his family (on planet Fiji / Fushal) Rimmer shows that he is developing, Lister stops drinking and decides that they should visit the home world and meet the relatives

    6. ‘back on the road’

    Series 10

    Possible Stories ideas

    Kochanski (original Clare Grogan) returns and marries Dave
    Kochanski and Lister have kids

    Rimmer becomes a successful military man

    Cat leaves in his own ship to search for more of his ancestor like ace Rimmer

    Kryten meets another mechanoid and make a home on red dwarf, set up a cleaning and laundry service, with every other Sunday off to watch ‘androids’ & ‘droids next door’

    Holly receives software updates and ‘patches’ to fix previous errors & becomes an arrogant genius

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