if success of this results in a new series.

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    Nov 2, 2003
    i've read there are talks of maybs doing more episodes based on success of the back to earth. dunno how true this is, but i did wanna say..
    for the most part, back to earth: part 1 worked well for me. maybe not as hilarious or enjoyable as the classic episodes we all love, but it did make me smile and laugh. the humour was more subtle and there was this nice sense that the characters really have aged in how they interact with each other. i know parts 2 and 3 haven't even aired yet, but i am a little cautious as to where it's heading. i feel asif this new and aged style of red dwarf doesn't need over top stories to successfully carry an episode. definitely don't need over the top story/action/drama to get jokes &funny character chemistry across, and for me that's what i like most about red dwarf. that's what sticks with you. the show has been through so much, with so many different stories and ideas, that i'd be happy with just half assed nothing stories as the backdrop and have a stronger emphasis on the writing of jokes and the character acting/chemistry.

    anyway, that's more or less my opinion on the show. tear it apart, discuss, etc :-)

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