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    Oct 20, 2008
    I watched back to earth last night and first thought was well... oh dear. BUT i gave it some thought and i think they've done an excellent job! :-D
    We need to remember that this is just a setup for things to come. They have setup some great mysteries and jokes which will unveil in the next episodes. I can just imagine What rimmer has in store for the new 'crew member' has he grasps onto his death...holomatrix? They have recaptured the characters essence like they were never gone and even threw in some classic jokes. Never thought id ever hear 'smeg head' on Tv again!

    -edit- As for the mixed feelings to the new character the writers probably intendid for the fans to dislike her due to what the future holds.

    The only thing i miss is the laughter. (and of course holly)

    I'll be tuned in tonight, no matter what.
    Hope you will be too.

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