Is lister now further than ever from earth?

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    Did he not say it was going to take thousands of years just to turn around ..... so is he still heading away at this point?
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    This might be my favourite Red Dwarf plot-hole-or-not.

    In Better than Life, Holly says the postpod has caught up to them now they've turned around. I think this means they're heading towards Earth now. Possibly the craft may have rotated but is actually still heading further out due to momentum, meaning they have in fact been traveling backwards. I think given the amount of deliberate navigation we have witnessed over the years ("Let's check out this abandoned space station, weird planetoid, let's plot a course to these precise co-ordinates"), it seems more like they are in control of the ship and facing the right direction.

    I think they have turned around, which leaves the question of did they go into stasis for four thousand years off-camera and never mention it, or was Lister wrong about how long it would take? We can reasonably assume Lister was quoting Holly, but we never see Holly say it. Even if Holly did say it, maybe he was wrong.

    OR maybe he was right and they did go into stasis for four thousand years to avoid the future echoes. In a later episode, I forget which, Kryten says Lister dropped two pieces of bombay aloo down a service shaft "several millennia ago" and they have now evolved into a progressive folk duo. To me "several millennia" can't encompass three million plus years. It suggests Lister dropped the bombay aloo off-camera in Series I or II, then went into stasis for "several millennia" off-camera.
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