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    A Framed Collection of 4 'Red Dwarf" items.....

    This is a 1 of 20 limited edition unique collectors piece. Please click on link:

    All photo’s (including a limited edition Polaroid), A page of Actor’s script and a First Day Cover from ‘Red Dwarf’ come from Craig Charles’s personal collection and are signed by him personally..!!

    This collector's piece is limited due to the small polariods, which are included and were taken at various locations while shooting the 'Red Dwarf' series. There are only 20 of them, are all of Craig Charles in various costumes and scenes, all autographed, they’re extremely rare, unique and no one else has them..!!

    We are also giving you the fans a unique opportunity to choose the polariod you would like within your limited edition collector's piece, this obviously will be on a first come first serve basis. To do this go to the link below then click on Photos > 20 Limited Polaroids, click on the picture you want and contact us with the photo number in the bottom left corner eg: Limited-1

    The script is Craig Charles’s Actor’s Location Rehearsal Script from ‘Red Dwarf’s’ series 8

    One page of which you can see Him signing in our profile picture on Ebay and at our Facebook page at:!/pages/Craig-Charles-Official-Merchandise/106570622727373

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