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    Apr 13, 2009
    I've been reading what you've put down about red dwarf but so far no ones wrote about the lost story's of red dwarf like meeting cat's people,the new homeworld, ships, family, old friend's. The cat war about feagee'and the golden do'nut. What about seeing other parts of the ship Its so big it took weeks for rimmer to look at the diesel decks. Maybe a race of aliens moved in on one of he lower decks and know one knew. What about Holy (male) getting married to another ship they find in space with an A.I. on board. More gelf story's and the simulents main armada not just one or two ships but hundreds of them. Now that startrek is dead (tv wise) and doctor who is getting crapper by the episode, we need something to fill the void for the near future. Just thought of a new one, a search party veasel was sent out to look for the lost J.M.C. red dwarf,3 million and 9 years later its found. more dreams by Cat (remember tongue tied) These are some of the story lines I would loved to have seen but if this three part mini series thing is the best the wrighters can come up with then they need some fresh blood in the mix. Thats just my opinion and nothing more. Thanks

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