Lovett Loves Ventriloquists

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    Today I went to a local sci-fi convention hosted by the Havering Mind Charity at the YMCA in Romford. It was a good small event which had a large star wars theme there, but all hail for the great Norman Lovett for supporting my local charity.

    The fun part of it though was showing off my ventriloquism. Although he didn't like Mr Flibble very much he was quite impressed with the way I had used my puppet to a practical use. Norman thought I did a really good service to Mr Flibble by giving him a new lease of life as a ventriloquist act. He thinks I do it really well too. I've been told that over the years that the fans have brought their Mr Flibble puppets along it has created a crazy and irritable habit. But I on the other hand have made a creative use of Mr Flibble. I am going to be launching a You Tube channel shortly, so watch out for that.
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    You do good job. :-)

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