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    Mar 12, 2009
    Cheers, Andrew! :-)

    With Back to Earth's run-time being significantly shorter to that of the average RD series, there were consequently fewer shots available that I felt could not only fit the opening titles but also still be in keeping with an 'alternate' slant (not to mention, I only had around two spare hours to work on it). You can check out the original version below for comparison.

    Being mostly intended to reflect the previous series' title sequences, among other things, it is montage-only (no cast names) and features a 'Red Dwarf created by...', and episode title following the opening CG model shot.

    Other changes include the alternate 'running' take of the 'Reservoir Dogs' slo-mo shot near the end, followed by the inclusion of the promotional title card as seen in the official advertising campaign. As Andrew also pointed out above, another difference is just how many shots of guest stars there are - something that would likely be more difficult to accomplish in an official edit.

    BTW - Thanks for all the comments, everyone! :-D

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    Aha fair enough I get it now. Sorry it took so long I wasnt aware fans edited material, I didnt think it was allowed due to copyrights etc... Nice montages, Nice ideas. The other thing that threw me off was the fact it said movie trailer... I think of movie as the one that was planned ages ago but never became a reality
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    Mmm, not that like the original RD credits, what with the actors names, 'created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor' bits in the actual credits.Good though! :-)
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    Were those shots of them walking/running away from Carbug shot for anything other than the opening credits? On the running scene it looks like the car is about to blow up!
  5. Andrew

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    It was a 'trailer' shot both within the fiction - it's on the screen in the TV store - and for the channel. They tried a couple of variations, including the running one, but in the end the walk worked best. And was a great shot for the opening titles, too.
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    Another name change??!

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