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    Hi all,

    Massive thanks to RDFC team for excellent DJ XV. It was mad rush for us turning up tea time Saturday and rushing off Sunday afternoon. (baby a bit fed up) What we experienced was fab-a-roo! Managed to catch all the autographs and see Craig, Danny and Chloe's Q&A's. My hubby even got to talk bikes with Danny which, I'm sure, was a quick break from all things RD for Danny!!!
    Shame we missed the auction, would have liked to see what was on offer... you'll have to let us know.

    Bit mad that the half marathon was on but glad we didn't all get drafted into a mass entry of said event. (if you get my drift)

    Just like to say you guys were great, stars were very down to earth and patient with all of our crazy Q's and flashing cameras. The fans were quite normal which was a relief!! (a couple of uber geeks were still milling around though) Hotel was top notch and brekkie was a little pricey but very yummy.

    Definately psycho rating of 4 1/2 chainsaws. (when's the next one then???!!!!!!)

    Mrs BGB

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