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  1. replicon1

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    Mar 20, 2009
    I have absolutely loved Red Dwarf ever since I saw the first ever episode on BBC2 all those years ago. It was and still is one of the funniest, most imaginative comedies ever made. The shows miniscule budget never dampened the lofty ambitions of the writers and Rob & Doug somehow managed to introduce challenging metaphysical concepts and cutting edge scientific theory while also delivering a laugh-until-you-cry British sitcom.
    The whole science fiction genre on TV had grown rather stale by the late eighties with Star Trek TNG preaching it's lofty tales of human endeavour in deep space at us every week. The genre needed (and still does) the p*ss taken out of it. Red Dwarf did that effortlessly and was so accessible and well written that it amassed a huge following all over the world even winning an Emmy Award. It was also the longest running sitcom on BBC2.
    I, like many fans, read all the books, bought the series on VHS and then again on DVD. However, nothing lasts forever and I just couldn't watch the entire run of the final series when it first aired. I saw the first 2 episodes and found it very hard to watch. I felt it had lost most of the magic, become too much of a self parody and more so than ever it didn't appear to know where it was going. What should have been the link between a brilliant TV series and an even better series of films became the last nail in the shows coffin...or so I thought.
    Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top let these 3 last episodes remind us of how truly great this show was. We don’t need an end to the series that tries to tie up all the loose ends, this isn’t Battlestar Galactica. Just do what you did so often before and weave that special blend of ideas and comedy. We are all grateful that this opportunity has finally arrived. I just hope these turn out to be a touch-up-shuffle and not a limp Rimmer salute.
    I've recently gone back to series VIII and while it's not as bad as I initially thought it is still not as good as any of the others.
    (These are just my opinions, some people maybe hated the early episodes and loved the last series but then they can write their own replies).
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    Nov 12, 2003
    While series VIII IMO isn't as strong as the earlier series, it's ahrdly so bad as to totally kill the show. I personally would like (contingent on the specials being good, obviously) like to see a series IX!

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