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    Another one of my occasional reviews of exploitation/horror/unusual/obscure movies

    this time we go back through time, to 1972 and a movie called Milan, caliber 9. This movie is one of a genre that was called 'poliziotecchi', that is italian police movies. these movies were geratly influenced by the violent American police movies of the time, such as death wish, and dirty harry. Yet another case of Italian movies ripipng off American ones, however they were often better.

    MCN is basically a tale of an ex, out of prison, gangster returning to his lifestyle, pretty much against his will. He is pursed by his ex boss, a psychotic sadist who enjoys torture, and others who believe he has hidden money. Its a great tale, with good acting and a good scenery and pacing.

    The polizio genre is criminally underlooked. it has many elements of classic 70s police movies to it. drama, high levels of violence, gritty hardbitten cops, psycho villains and misogyny and cynicism by the bucket load. Pretty much all of the movies are good also, with very few of them bad. The one i have discussed is one of the best of the genre as well.

    well worth watching, and a genre that is very much worth exploring, especially for fans of dirty harry, bronson or 70s detectives.

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