Original Red Dwarf model wonderings

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Really didn’t know where to stick this so a new topic but the original Red Dwarf model is my favourite and I always wondered about the model, so familiar to see it after countless viewings but there’s been talk on here about the asteroids which was very interesting to read, but something I’ve always wondered was there’s part of it looks almost organic shaped, like lobster clawed shape towards the front top corner? :? I think one of the novels might’ve hinted towards it being miss-mashed shaped as so large/city like and no doubt having built over some time? Wonder if anyone has any thoughts/explanation on this err ‘variety in style’ suppose just adds more believability and visual interest?

    One other thing when I first started watching I was in school and was only finding things out through friends – a friends older brother described in a knowing authoritative way that there was a lego part on the original model – I never questioned it, I don’t know if he thought he could see (I couldn’t! :shock: but something does look almost slightly lego-like? So maybe he was being overly cocky stating as matter of fact) Or maybe someone’s read/heard it in an old Peter Wragg interview or something? Perfectly believable to stick a bit of lego on for added texture I guess?

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