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    Long time massive Red Dwarf fan, and I'm sure this has been brought up before so apologies.
    Decided to watch series 7 for the first time in a couple of years today.

    Anyway ... At the end of ouroboros when Lister leaves the baby Lister under the pool table to create an ever lasting loop ...isn't that on Earth? (at least I think it was Earth lister was born) the boys from the dwarfs mission was to get back to earth, so if Lister somehow managed to get back to Earth to leave the baby, why didn't he just stay there to live?
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    Lister only returned to that point in order to complete the paradox. In 'Tikka to Ride' they swear off using time travel as they only end up messing up the timelines. Plus, Lister and Rimmer would face a lot of awkward questions as to why they are AWOL from their ship which has been declared missing in action.
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    You are 100% correct. I love some aspects of Ouroboros. Some of the music is amazing and the emotion portrayed....but yeah. It is pretty stupid IMO. This episode highlights the flaw that they can return to Earth at any time and to any point in history that they want to....Why would they continue searching for Red Dwarf if they don't need it? It also totally ruins the whole Lister loves Kochanski dynamic. At the end of the day, he has been lusting after Kochanski (and dependant on which series or whether you look at the novels or not, he has succeeded in having a relationship with her). Kochanski who we now know to be his Mother. There's something a little wrong in that as far as I'm concerned.
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    I'm not sure Lister would be willing to leave Kochanksi (whose MO at that time was to return to her own universe) behind.

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