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    Oct 31, 2011
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    Now that we're getting closer to broadcast, and with more and more info and material making its way into the public domain, it's going to be harder for people to discuss publicly-available plot information without inadvertently spoiling things that other people didn't want to hear. As such, I'm instigating a new blanket spoiler policy from hereon out.

    Prior to broadcast of each individual RDX episode, the only thread in which you may discuss their plot details is this official all-purpose thread. Please note that under no circumstances should information be revealed in this thread that was obtained solely from show recordings. If you state a plot spoiler and cannot provide a verifiable source for it online or in print, it will be deleted and you may be banned.

    Once each episode has been broadcast you may discuss that episode in new threads to your heart's content. It is forum visitors' own responsibility not to visit this conference after broadcast if they don't want spoilers.

    Until further notice, Red Dwarf X may not be discussed in any Conference outside this one. This is so that non-UK visitors can still visit the other sections of the board without fear of spoilers.

    It should go without saying that unauthorised photographs taken on the RDX set are, and will always be, strictly prohibited.
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