Record breaking ratings for Red Dwarf XI on UKTV P

Discussion in 'RED DWARF XI / XII' started by DivineVarod, Jan 5, 2017.

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    We will just have to see once the hype dies down whether it passes the test of time i guess.

    Although i'd argue i hope fans know the difference between a good show and not just judging something on the premise.

    Series 8 was unfortunately more than just a bad premise.
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    It is quite funny because in another thread I thought the viewing figures for the final two episodes Krysis and Can of Worms weren't too good because the number of viewers from the Dave broadcast did not get it into the top 10 for the Digital channels (i.e. not the main 5). However all this shows clearly is that if all the episodes of series 11 each got above 2m viewers then by the final 2 episodes more people were watching them online than on broadcast on TV. So it is funny that I worried a bit about the success of Krysis and Can of Worms because the viewing figures on Dave declined when really and clearly all 6 episodes of 11 were a resounding success! Definitely deserved.

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