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    @Bluey can you tell us what Octobet means?
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    Backing all eight horses in the same race.
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    This is tremendous news about the classic BBC series finally being released on Blu-ray 12 years on from when the last DVD version was released (excepting BodySnatcher of course). I remember how when the series 8 DVD was released back in 2006 even then the picture quality looked slightly dodgy due to the TVs becoming superior and 16:9.

    When I have had Red Dwarf marathons since then I must admit I have still used the DVDs to watch but obviously as TVs have got better and bigger you now really see how dated that once great polishing of RD looked like on DVD in the early 2000s.

    I really hope these blu-ray formats - and it sounds like they are - will up res RD for modern TVs properly and it will genuinely look clearer and brighter. In regard to it still being shown in 4:3 format I totally agree with that as when I watch the current DVDs on my 16:9 TV stretched to that aspect ratio it really - particularly in the very earliest episodes - does not look right in widescreen. Although I will miss it filling the entire screen I believe it will be much better to see it how it should be.

    One thing and I know this might not be a popular opinion, I hope the blu-ray menus will be as interesting and good as the DVD versions as it was always quite exciting entering via the airlock etc. But yes they will need some modernising!

    But anyway, will I delay my Red Dwarf marathon by 5 months as the blu-ray re-releases are definitely going ahead? It’s quite a long time but for sure yes now as this sounds rather exciting!
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    Gone down another fiver on amazon,so the new price is £44.99 (hopefully a few extra quid might be shaved off before October :-) )
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