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  1. SFRimmer12

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    Apr 11, 2006
    Hey, guys (how're you all).

    This idea has been going through my head now for a number of days:

    HOLOGRAM/ LIGHT-BEES: I would love to be the first person to be a real-life hologram when I pass on (sorry, if that sounds morbid). And I was thinking that people that didn't have that much money could be softlight holograms and those rolling in it could be hardlight holograms. Grant and Naylor are geniuses when they came up with the concept of a light-bee.

    BETTER THAN LIFE GAME/ COMPUTER TECH: Another piece of genius deviced by Grant and Naylor. The needles that drive into your brain (had something to do with the Hypothalomus, didn't it?) and brings your innermost fantasies to life. Or the V/R machines from series seven.

    STARBUG: A green ship-to-surface vessle in the shape of a bug with all the "bells and whistles" that could keep you entertained for lightyears. Plus, a roomy engine-room, plenty of cabin rooms, snug cockpit and science room/ meeting area.

    At the moment, those are all the ideas I can think of. Any opinions and ideas are welcome. :idea:
  2. Keir_FTGL_Shiels

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    Oct 23, 2004
    It works in sci fi, but not in real life. It wouldn't be you. You'd be dead. Deader than a can of spam. The image projection from a computer wouldn't be you. It would be a simulation of you - a computer's guess at what you would be most likely to say or do. There'd be no spontaneity, no soul, no true essence of you. And it couldn't do anything that the computer couldn't do itself - because the computer would be controlling it. The computer doesn't need to tell a hologram to tell it to do something: it can just do it.

    Aside from the fact that the brain structures in question are so deep that you would have to pierce through various other bits of brain or go up through the nose, the idea of putting a computer in charge of my brain is horrid! And the hypothalamus has nothing to do with perception - it's the thalamus that links sight and sound, not the hypothalamus...

    Well, yes, it's lovely, but it's not as inventive as the other things you've picked out. I mean other than its amusing shape, it's not greatly different from most ship-to-surface vessels...

    Surely the greatest inventions are:

    The computer with a sense of humour (Practical jokes and spontaneity from Holly) - computers with personalities, make them truly part of your family

    Predictive technology - a 23rd century software interface that can fix a 24th century mechanoid's software. (BITR I) That's like using a spinning jenny to fix a Sinclair Spectrum.

    The psi-scan - A machine comprising Bio-scanner, GPS and Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy
  3. Mardroid

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    Mar 15, 2004
    I've often wondered about the term 'psi-scanner'. 'Psi' is usually a shorthand reference to something of a psychic nature, so I wonder why it was applied to a scanning device, something that appears to be the RD equivalent of a Star Trek tricorder. An anagram for something else maybe? (Come to think of it 'tricorder' is a strange word too, 'tri', meaning 'three'. It could refer to three types of scans though.)

    I agree concerning the hologram though. I think Rimmer even mentions it in The End, i.e. he isn't actually Rimmer but a simulation. They went into even more depth in the book.

    I'd count holo-Rimmer as sentient though, simply due to his reactions which are just too real to be just simulations. Even so, strictly speaking he wouldn't be a resurrection as such, more a 3-D image with a copy of the real Rimmer's personality and memories. That quite clear in Me2. Close enough that he considers himself to be Rimmer though. ;-)

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