Red Dwarf series XI filming roundup and discussion

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    So, assuming that the episodes that have been filmed so far are all part of series XI and probably in rough broadcast order, series XI filming has wrapped up for this gregorian year. What have been the highlights, low points (if any), what do you expect, are you happy with what you've seen and heard so far, what else do you think about RDXI?
    Once I get my new laptop (as it's awkward to do on an iPad) I'll edit all set reports into this post in order of shooting date so we can keep them all in one place that's easy to find and to refer back to.

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet that I hope is either referenced in XI or XII is a slightly more closuresque addressing of what really happened at the end of RDVIII. It would be nice just to have that resolved properly, although it's easy to see why Doug doesn't want to go back there, hence the false resolution of it in The Beginning.

    Robert Llew seems extremely ecstatic about episode six, so I'm hoping that it is exceedingly extraordinarily exciting, Ant E gave an amazing appraisal of the awesome adventure yesterday so I'm feeling alleviatingly alliterative in awe about all, alligators. :-D

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