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    Okay, so we have an explanation for triangle tapes (though I would have thought scratching DVDs was more likely than losing them) though it should be explained that they are high data capacity digital tapes or something, but it doesn't matter, it was just a quick joke that addressed something in a simple manner, and I doubt most people thought about it to much.

    Of course, in 1988, very few people knew of the potential for the internet, mobile phones, personal computers, etc etc, and as such, no one in the future according to RD has a mobile phone and RD doesn't appear to have a WiFi connection (unless you count the source of information for the Psi Scan or Holly streaming to other screens, Kryten's chest monitor or Lister's watch). It would be interesting to find out what happened to the internet and mobile phones. Is there any book-canon explanation or any kind of in-universe explanation for the lack of real modern technology in the RD future?

    It would also be interesting to know whether the Holly AI was developed from Siri-type technology in RD canon.

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