Red Dwarf VII: Anything you want chapter IV

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what fan fiction should i do next?

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  1. Eddiebadassdavis

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    The Final Chapter. Ed

    Chapter IV

    “Sir we need you out now!” Kryten said, as he walked into the room. He saw Lister sitting down with a number of curries, a guitar and his mates from the Dwarf Selby, Peterson and Chen. “man i'm so happy to see you guys its been like forever after we picked up Kris from the alternate universe” Lister said sipping onto a beer. “Oh god i always hated being with those, well things” Kotchanski said “tell me about lady bud” Cat said covering his mouth from the choke defying smell of alcohol.

    Lister told his mates to go away and they faded just like Rimmer. Lister got his guitar and started playing a lonely sad tune. “Its cold outside no kind of atmosphere I’m alone more or less”. That tune always meant something to Kochanski on there first date. She walked in but there was a force field around the door. “Uh Miss Kochanski you have to dial in a passcode to walk in” he said. Kryten dialed up a few numbers, Cat looked on the left side of Kryten’s shoulder. The door opened and Kochanski came in. Lister turned around to see her and ran to her and hugged her “Kris it’s been six months since i’ve been in this smegging machine and it is was kinda cool i got to see my mates” he said, he came to Kryten and nudged his head with his knuckles, and finally saw Cat and hugged him. “What do you mean 6 Months”? She said. Kryten gave out another theorie. “I think time slowed down in there so that’s why everyone vanished in this warship” Kryten said he scanned the areas with the Syi scan. “So are you saying that everyone all disappeared from going in there” Cat said. Kryten came back from scanning the area. “Yes every person on this ship who was here all went into this machine, Thousands of crewmembers all safe from the Thing and they were in there for years and years making them die” he said.

    Lister looked bewildered, “wow lucky i wasn't all old in there” he said all happy and feeling safe. “Was kinda hoping we were” Cat said. “So what about this machine” Kochanski asked. “Are just gonna leave it here or we could salvage this thing?” she said. Lister chimmined in, “yeah some parts can be part of StarBug we could get unlimited power of this”. “I suppose we could” Kryten said. the Dwarfers all carried the box the way out of the ship. Leaving it untouched and flying out with Starbug 33 hrs later.
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    Behind you
    Oh, what an exciting ending. :eek: I especially like the part, where Lister nudged Krytens head with his knuckles.
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    I liked the bit where Lister sipped onto a beer.

    Well done @Eddiebadassdavis ❤️
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