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  1. nealos1

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Great news to hear the return and commitment for 2 series.
    I didn't particulary like Red Dwarf 10 but god I still need Red Dwarf.

    Why I didn't like 10.
    It seems everyone they meet is as stupud as the crew. This needs to stop. The crew should be simple butut everyone they meet should be... normal. thats what makes it so grounded and clever. I really hope this is the way forward.

    I would love if they continued from series six and they'd been stuck in fake reality all this time. errase the stupid crew coming back and silly things like Rimmers brother turning out to be stupid. And Lister been his own dad.

    still can not wait
  2. talkie3000

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    yeah i have to agree i noticed that too, the villains in the past have always been more serious then the crew who were the space bums while with 10 the villain were just as silly, i mean i always felt the simulant commander could been more of a ruthless villain then a goofy one which he kinda was heading towards after a while

    i also had abit of an issue with how far doug went with the dispensing machines that i felt had to much personality to the point they were like other crew members and that to me felt like a cheat for lack of ideas

    yeah i hope doug stops that whole lets give big reveals about their pasts to shock the fans because as a whole it may sound interesting on paper but in the long term i think it hurts the integrity of the show and really isn't needed to tell good stories
  3. Simonr1978

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    Apr 23, 2009
    I agree that I'd really rather not see any more surprise reveals which rewrite a character's background and I'm definitely not the greatest fan of the whole "Lister's his own dad" thing, but at the same point I'm also not keen on any further retcons and it would seem very lazy to me to write off the whole last 4 series as just a group hallucination. If Doug was to decide to write some or all of that out, I'd really hope he could come up with a better way of doing it than pulling a "...and then they woke up" twist.

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