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  1. Bluey

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    Jul 28, 2001
    These are the Barb ratings of Back To Earth:

    Part 1: 2,357,000
    Part 2: 1,238,000
    Part 3: 1,197,000

    Let's see if Red Dwarf X can beat these. If so, I'm sure a series XI will be commissioned.
  2. Heliosphan

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    Oct 4, 2012
    Well I for one second a Red Dwarf XI series after seeing Trojan.
    Unfortunately it seems it's very tough to get re-signed for a new series in this day and age, Mr Naylor may have his work cut out for him - how long did it take to get B2E and X signed, a long long time. The BBC clearly didn't bite, which I would have found quite odd if it weren't for the relative failure B2E was.

    How do Dave gauge audience figures? I know Sky have an automated system but I for one don't plug my Sky box into the phone line for it to send out any of my viewing habits, or, god forbid, run up a phone bill. I wonder just how accurate the viewing figures are.
    Another factor nowadays is how many VHS/DVD/BluRays it sells over time, never a consideration in the past, even in VHS days. That's how Family Guy and other programmes came back in the US. Probably won't sell an awful lot of Red Dwarf X unfortunately as it's very UK.

    I can definitely see this being a big hit with the modern student, I know I was massively into it when I was at College and Uni - the little tykes probably don't know how much of an honoured prestigious history RD has, or how far it goes back (Early 1988!)

  3. ben996

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    Jun 12, 2011
    I think for a Red Dwarf 11 Doug has to get another writer to help him, not saying 7,8,9 and Trojan are bad just they seem to be missing something. Where as 1-6 are 100% good, 7-10(so far) are about 85% good, get another writer or two to come in and then a series 11 would be good by me

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