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    I know there are many fans out there who have mixed feelings of this new rendition of RD. Good and bad. I liked it to a certain degree.

    Sadly my brother passed away June '07. He was the hardcore dwarfer of the family. He got me to like Red Dwarf and I usually hate what he likes purely on principle. The reason I brought this up is that seeing Red Dwarf continue was one of the dreams my brother had. Is BTE this dream? yes it is in a way.

    It is an end however not as grand as I nor my brother hoped for. There were amusing moments like the Starbug modified Smart car. There were a lot of nods to the fans, trying to capitalize on our Red Dwarf nostalgia. Moments like Cat's lines and other misplaced moments that I felt were there only to grab our attention and remember the "good ol' times of RD".

    The cheap production and zero ideas from the production designer other than to rip off Blade Runner made this short series rather disappointing. I would not have minded if they actually poked fun at the rip off. rather than to try and pass it on as actual production value.

    However even though this version of Red Dwarf had its flaws it brought back memories of my brother and I watching or discussing Red Dwarf. So I thank you for that. Im sure my brother would have been amused at this new version of Red Dwarf.

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