Series X set before or after Back to Earth?

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by CharlieTeague, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Only 'sometimes'? And you say that's not meant in a bad way? I don't know why we put the smegging effort in.
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    Now that would be funny....and I so want it to happen....
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    I think its all about closure.
    I personally want to see an episode to explain events from end of series 8 to Kachanski`s death( or fake) at start of BTE.
    then they can take the story anywhere they please with out causing confusion.
    Even if its like the start of " Tikka to Ride". after "Out of Time"
    I think its unfair to leave confusion as to weither Kachanski is being alive or being dead.
    Did she and Kryten cover up her dumping him and leggit in a blue midget,(this came up in the hallucination!)
    or did she really die being sucked out an airlock and dave really was mourning. (before hallucination from joy squid)

    love johnny boy
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    Compare it to Back to Reality, basically. It was a group hallucination. That means that although the four Dwarfers imagined everything around them, they still experienced the actual words and actions of the three other characters that were "in" the dream with them. They retained their memories of everything that had happened before they encountered the squid - memories that were brought up when discussing what happened to Kochanski.

    So, yes. Within the canon of the series, but happening offscreen rather than on:

    - At some point, Kochanski and Lister (presumably) became a couple again
    - Lister slipped into a "funk", a lifestyle with no drive or goal, and let himself get into a state as a result
    - Kochanski left him, but rather than let him know he'd been dumped, faked her own death with the assistance of Kryten.
    - Hence, Lister mourned her - believing her to be dead - but Kryten knew the truth

    Broadly, the main story/theme of Back to Earth is Lister's learning of this fact and hence his rediscovery of a purpose/goal in life (i.e. to seek out and "win back" Kochanski) and that his existence has worth after all.
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    Someone please make the voices stop!

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