Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by Kalzrak, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Kalzrak

    Kalzrak Third Technician

    Apr 9, 2016
    I refer to a comment on Den of Geek, which was:

    “Once a story’s been done, characters are explored, there’s no point in continuing something just because you liked what came before.
    Red Dwarf wrapped up in season six really – the departure of Rob Grant and the lack of enthusiasm of Chris Barrie after that should have meant they left it alone. I understand the draw for continuing – it’s similar to our draw towards re-watching it, but it should have been resisted.

    Sometimes it’s just better to leave things well alone and keep them as happy memories. This show should have been quietly taken out to the woods and shot in the head years ago. Since Rob Grant’s departure, laughs have been very rare. It’s obvious from their two separate novels, Last Human and Backwards that Rob Grant was the creative force behind the show.”

  2. Pembers

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    Jan 4, 2013
    Be interested to hear yours Kalzrak.

    I'm glad Red Dwarf continued, I enjoyed series 7 personally and so far have enjoyed XI very much.

    Sure, it 'could' have been left alone after VI, with Rob Grant and Chris Barrie not taking part (in full anyway) and perhaps it would have been nicely rounded off. Bear in mind VI ended on a cliff hanger, we probably needed at least a special to put the cherry on the cake.

    As I say, I'm glad Red Dwarf is still being made as I still enjoy it.
  3. Ant E

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Yes. I did a thread on this years ago and lots of arrogant fan girls went off on one (one Lindsey Carter. Ugh!) whinging it was impossible to say because it didn't happen! :roll:
    Sharp as anything that girl was.

    Anyway, yes they should have continued because series 7 and BTE were just as good as any other series. In fact, I rate series 7 as my third favourite series.

    Point is, say Rob Grant HAD stayed and the episodes were exactly the same - but then left before series 8, people and even wannabe journalists at "Den of Yawn" would say "oh series 8 was where it all went wrong because rob left..."! It's such a lazy way of dismissing a successful series and frankly insulting to Doug. There was a change, let's swoop on it and use it as a way to slag the show off!!! Pitiful!
  4. Seb

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    Oct 31, 2011
    JMC HQ
    The quoted comment is, to be fair, from a commenter of Den of Geek (a site that I've been involved in writing for ever since it was founded, incidentally!) and not from one of its writers. So it's a bit unfair to tar them with that brush.

    As for the comment itself: frankly, I don't think there's at all a compelling argument to be made as to whether the show "should" have continued or not. The fact is that it did, and lots of people have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the material that's been put out since. Certainly, you look at the reaction to an episode like Give & Take, and I think the existence of the recent series are entirely justified. I mean, I know I would say that in the position I'm in; but in general (not just in regard to Red Dwarf) I just think the whole idea of "They shouldn't have made this!" is petty and over-entitled. Why should you deny other people the chance to enjoy something just because you yourself don't want to see it?

    It's a lazy and stupid argument that I don't think it's even worth devoting much time and energy to.
  5. AJ Smegface

    AJ Smegface Second Technician

    Apr 18, 2011
    "Once a story’s been done, characters are explored, there’s no point in continuing something just because you liked what came before."

    Well for a start, I disagree with that point completely. Certainly, I'd say Kryten and Rimmer's characters' were well-explored up to series VI, but I think Lister's story was far from over at this point (whether the goal for him was returning to Earth, getting to 'Fuchal' or finding Kochanski, which I think Psirens was kinda pointing towards). If Dwarf had ended at VI, it would have been an unsatisfying end.

    So of course they should have continued after VI!

    EDIT: Looking back at my post, I realised I "completely" contradicted myself by saying I disagreed with the characters being explored bit and then saying Rimmer and Kryten were explored... Meh.
  6. jimmydischarge

    jimmydischarge Third Technician

    Aug 23, 2005
    I wouldn't have been happy if they ended the show at season 6 at the time because of the way it ended. As much as I don't think they've been quite as good since (although the production has greatly improved), I am glad they've kept going. I wish my dad was still around because he would've been pretty stoked to see the new episodes.
  7. jedshepherd

    jedshepherd Console Officer

    Aug 7, 2015
    For me, the show will not end until Lister gets to Fiji.

    That was the aim from episode 1, and until it is achieved it will never end for me.
  8. sundayforsammy

    sundayforsammy Console Officer

    Nov 12, 2009
    Newcastle UK
    Indeed, I want to see Lister on his underwater farm with a sheep and a cow, breeding horses. Then I will know it is all over.8)

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