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  1. Wragie

    Wragie Skutter

    Nov 16, 2012
    Just when we thought they weren't going to be in the series there they are!

    If you watch carefully in Trojan, Bob and company show up at about the six minutes mark.
    They are skillfully standing still and not moving to remain hidden but they are there.

    Here the hint when they first come onto the bridge at 6:00 and look at the base of the captains chair.
    You see a shape on the pedestal that zig zags up to support the joystick. If you look you see the surplus
    Toaster? they used and the articulated frame. Instead of the grippers there is just the tray. The toaster bit
    Was painted a navy blue the last time Bob got scale but it has the same shape and ribbing. If you wait until
    6:06 you see another one on the other side of the captains chair.

    I admit it isn't exactly earth shattering news but the series is over, tv is now a wasteland again and I'm bored.

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