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    As much as I loved having the boys back for a new special, I felt that the last episode felt a bit rushed and sloppy in the writing. And, from what I read afterwards about how quickly and cheaply this was done, it doesn't surprise me. Too many plot holes that needed to be plugged up. Examples, and suggestions:

    1- Katerina. She was introduced very early on, and had a major role in part one (more so than Kryten, for example). But then, she was quickly killed off in part 2, which made no sense. I had expected a return in part 3 to explain her role.

    Suggested re-write change: Bring her back in part 3, and have HER play the part of Tyrell, instead. It would have been a better shock, and could have tied up loose ends as to her existence in their delusion. Perhaps she was created by Rimmer's psyche as a sort of self-punishment, like the Tax Revenue gentlemen in "Better than Life" (see more on that, below).

    2- Joy Squid was stolen by the Cat at the end of ep5. I know RD is all about inconsistencies, but I still can't swallow this one. It makes no sense at all -- first, there's no way this squid would have lived through S7 (as already mentioned by others), and even if it did, why did the Cat never put 2 and 2 together? He seems oblivious, even after they get out of their delusion and they start talking about "despair ink". I suspect it was a last minute change in the script.

    Suggested re-write change: The Cat does not bring the Squid back on RD. Make it some other creature that is not "Back to Reality" related, but is actually closer to a "Better than Life" entity -- maybe something that used to be the computer game 3 million years ago, but evolved and took on consciousness, and somehow found its way onto Red Dwarf. That was a common trick Grant/Naylor used to use, and I think it would have worked, here.

    3- The boys didn't move at all, while under the influence of the ink. This counters what we saw in "Back to Reality".

    Suggested re-write change: Same as #2. Making it a "Better than Life" entity would have easily explained the lack of movement.

    4- Blade Runner building. Up until that building showed up, I could accept that perhaps the boys were in our reality, and the origami was just some kind of in-joke I could dismiss. But once we saw the building, the illusion was destroyed -- we knew they were not in our reality, anymore.

    Suggested re-write change.
    Tone down the Blade Runner references. Lose the building (granted, it was nice eye candy). Use the Tyrell character introduction, which would have been Katerina, as the shocker where we say "hold on a minute -- is this reality or not?". We wouldn't see her face until after they open the door, of course.

    Overall I did enjoy it and will be buying the DVD to show my support. I'm hoping they get a new series commissioned, a bigger budget, and more time for re-writes (or some additional writers to help out Doug). RD still has so much potential.
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    All them flaws can be solved with the dimensions game. Where every consequence is played out :shock: *sigh*
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    He kept quiet because he knew they'd be mad. That's not the same thing as oblivious. To be fair, when he first encountered it all grown up, he probably didn't twig what it was. I'm sure he thought it was a dimension jumper (there was not reason not to.) Somehow, subconsciously I think he knew though, hence the origami models he left around. At the end, when they figured out what was happening, he put to and two together and realised his 'little fishy' had all grown up.

    As to how he got it, I'll admit that was a bit of a stretch. Assuming they found it on the same ocean moon as the despair squid (which I'm sure was the implication) I wonder how/where he found it since they spent most of that episode on Starbug or the Esperanto. As I write this, I have a sudden memory of them all in diving suits approaching the Esperanto, so they didn't connect the ships directly then? I need to rewatch it, to confirm but I think there's the answer. Somewhere, to or from the Esperanto, Cat glances down, see's a little squid near a rock and grabs it, hiding it from his mates. It's a retcon, but it doesn't break continuity. Apart from the sensors not finding any other fish about, but then 1 little fishy? With the same DNA profile as the despair squid? (They're the same species, remember, just different sexes.) The psi scanner could have detected them as the same being.

    As for how it survived: If Red Dwarf had already been stolen by the time they returned (which seemed to be the suggestion of Nanarchy and Prelude to Nanarchy) the squid was on Starbug hidden away in a jar somewhere the whole time. Cat probably fed it off-stage. He probably took it into stasis with him during the centuries nap between series V and VI, so she probably didn't grow much. (Mind you, nails and hair did grow, but I don't think the characters aged much physically, so the squid probably remained a tiddler.) At the end of 6 she would have been destroyed along with the crew, but the paradoxical reboot in 7 would have brought her back along with everyone else.

    As for the crash landing in 8... well the rest of the crew survived, she obviously did too. 6,7 and 8 all happen in a relatively short time frame, so I'd imagine the squid was still small enough to hide. Cat might even have left her in stasis.

    I'm not sure how Cat got it past the guards in VIII though. I suspect he must have left it in the wreckage and sneaked back later possibly during the Pete episodes when they were free to move about. That doesn't really hold true though as the Cat isn't the biggest thinker, but he likes his stomach. Actually, I wouldn't be surprise if it was around that time that she escaped finding it's way to a water tank. There was some suggestion that it could exist for a while out of water... It's probably not acutally a squid after all, it just looks like one.

    Ok, it's a bit of a stretch, but plot hole, more or less, plugged.

    My suspicion was that the squid was teleported on board by an outside force like simulants for example. (I wondered how simulants turned up in the story from a picture I saw. How wrong I was... heh heh.) I actually like the idea it was the Cat. I didn't see that coming.

    I wondered a that too, but it's not really a plot hole. Sometimes people sleep walk, sometimes they don't. Different inks, different affects. Maybe the despair ink didn't take them in so deeply.

    I found that a bit too sudden and glaring too, although in hindsight there were plenty of clues it wasn't our reality before then. The fact outside sets in Corrie connect directly to studio sets for example. It's the way we imagine them when we see these programmes, so that's how the boys experience it.

    That whole sequence running through the streets as well seemed to be in a different time, and a different world altogether. The fact it was essentially a dream can explain this though. The illusion started realistic to draw them in. Now they were in deeper, it became more surreal. (Besides that scene never actually happened to them.) It did seem a very abrupt change though, but that's the time factor.

    Again, not actually an inconsistency, it just felt a bit odd. I'd love to see how the extended version, see what the story does with the extra padding.

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