The FX of Red Dwarf XI (and probably XII)

Discussion in 'RED DWARF XI / XII' started by djmcbell, Aug 30, 2017.

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Just thought I'd start a random topic about the FX used in Red Dwarf XI, and those which will most likely be used in RDXII.

    As you most likely know, and was shown in the "behind the scenes" feature, RDXI finally answers some of the questions we've had on here - Red Dwarf using CGI. Of course, it isn't all CGI - there are model shots, CGI shots, and model + CGI. Sort of similar to the recent Thunderbirds series (though obviously nowhere on the same level).

    But I just thought I'd say how well done some of them are, and see what other people thought.

    The ship shots of Red Dwarf itself were, I feel, very well done, though the Starbug model shots occasionally seemed a bit patchy - especially when going through the wormhole in Twentica or escaping the station in Give & Take. However, the crash in Twentica, though the speed felt a little disjointed, was great.

    The Samsara hitting the ocean was absolutely brilliant, as well as the ejection of the pod. The Samsara on the ocean bed too was good, though something about the scale seemed a bit off.

    I can't talk about the effects and not mention Captain Herring, who was tremendously well executed. My only improvement would be to get his eyes to blink or move, but other than that it was brilliant. The Rimmer monster, too, was well done - I honestly had no idea which was the real Rimmer. And the Officers Lounge - just a tiny shot of all the Rimmers, but I couldn't see any joins at all. And Herring just turning to paper at the end - again, didn't spot a join. And Lister chloroforming Lister in Give & Take too!

    Of course, we've also had Doug say that there are about 30 mechanoids walking around the place in series XII (can confirm - saw it recorded, that's a lot of mechanoids) which will look great on screen.

    What do people think? How were the effects in series XI? To me, mostly great, but a few that were off.
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  2. Callisto252

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    Apr 28, 2016
    I largely agree with you here. I think the effects mostly looked fantastic and a great improvement on X. Mind you, I'm no real expert on these things and am probably too easily impressed by what can be achieved these days (though I could tell if something looked a bit rubbish!).

    I was particularly impressed with all the split-screen work (if that's what it's still called). Red Dwarf's always been good at that though, even in the early series when you definitely can see the joins (but only if you look for them - I never really noticed until watching the documentaries explaining how it was done!).
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    I personally thought Red Dwarf in series 11 (and looks like series 12 too) looked the finest it has ever appeared, though obviously series 5 and 6 were over two decades ago. But still it was/is an incredible achievement given that the budget was even lower than series 10 which while visually appears very strong is not in the same league as the most recent run IMHO. Though I haven't watched it since March, I don't think I would fault anything in series 11's appearance. Even more amazing given it is now being shown on Dave and not the BBC.

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