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    Ok for fun pitch your ultimate episode.... can be in any timeframe (series wise) and under any continuity.....and no worries about budget. Also doesnt have to be mega detailed just a premise is fine :-)

    Currently mine would be set just around series XI and be based around the search for Holly... Lister flooded holly around RD9 and the CPU banks are now all dried out, unfortunately RD was never designed to run emergency systems for such a long time (i.e. no Holly to govern them) and so the ship is starting to fail, starting with navigation and internal transportation systems, Kryten then notes that without navigation they are headed straight for a planet. They therefore need to reboot Holly and quick! However, they are missing his start up disk. They then must search for the disk, it will involve them hiking the length of the dwarf to many old sets (series 3 bunk room, series 2 bunk room, old starbug bays, deisel decks etc...) where there has been several years of decay... but to no avail, they all arrive back at the current quarters dejected and consigned to their fate. Lister, pours one last shot of whisky to toast life when it turns out the shiny thing that he had been using as a coaster for years is hollys disk (meaning the whole trip had actually been a huge waste of time). Upon inserting and booting, it is noted that all the damage done to the disk through curry, lager and general wear and tear have corrupted holly forcing him to create a new face (which explains Lovett's older appearance).

    Would be designed to be a character driven ep and on paper would need to be fleshed out somewhat, but might be a laugh :-)

    just a thought....

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