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    Apr 8, 2009
    Over the past few days, I've noticed people bringing up the topic of viewing figures, mostly to the like of 'get all your mates to watch it, so Dave get better viewing figures!'.

    I'd just like to clear a few things up about how it's all recorded, having been a participant before.

    In the UK, viewing figures are recorded by an independent authority called BARB. BARB collects their data from 5,000 homes spread across the UK (in each country and region), by means of a box that detects what shows are being watched in their homes. The results are sent back to BARB, who then use these 5,000 results to get a more or less accurate estimate of how many people watched in reality (with each single household being monitored watching a show representing around 5,000 homes across the UK).

    A load more information can be found on this site. To round this all up - unless you are affiliated with BARB and have a BARB tracker box linked up to your TV, there's no way what you watch on TV can be tracked for viewing figures.
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    I've never liked the ratings system.

    5000 certainly does not seem like a large enough sample to me for it to be accurate.

    if 4999 of those people decide they love The Apprentice, which frankly is plausable, the rest of the viewing figures could be out by a lightyear.

    Frankly there's no real way to know viewing figures have *ever* been accurate. They take such a small sample and do some calculations and that apparently gives you the nationwide figure?

    I can't see it being that accurate at all.

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