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    Apr 12, 2009
    Oh Dear....Who's idea was it to bring RED DWARF back from the dead? Why cant people let things rest? RED DWARF has had its time of Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun

    The writer is clearly not the better half of the previous Grant/Naylor writing team. A very silly story line being dragged out over three nights. There is no comedy or Sci-fi in the already 2 episodes shown. consider whats happened over a period of 50 mins of t.v

    1. a silly scene with a water creature
    2. deminsion slide into present day (only sci fi bit)
    3. walking around a shopping mall
    4. visiting a sci fi shop

    It should have been shown all in one go and got the pain over with as quickly as possible. And as for the acting, terrible!! rimmer isnt rimmer, lister isnt lister, kryten isnt kryten and cat isnt cat.

    Craig Charles should stick to corrie, Chris Barrie should stick to car programmes and his corprate presintations, Danny should stick to that kids spy prog and robert should stick to that show on chnl 4.

    Any potential finaciers for the much touted movie will have second thoughts after this!

    Please listen anyone connected with red dwarf, LET THE SMALL ROUGE ONE REST IN PEACE!!

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