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    Nine years.
    Nine years of waiting

    What struck me about this 3 parter was the lack of chemistry between the cast. I'm not going to over analyze this. That's like trying to analyze a Picasso. Red Dwarf was brilliant in its heyday. The comedy was sharp. The cast was superbly made up of actors who could make the dullest scene sparkle.

    In fact, 90% of succesful filmmaking is made in casting. And Grant Naylor Productions had it in spades. It is therefor my open letter to you both, despite the fact that only one of you had a hand in the writing.

    Red Dwarf wasn't just "some sitcom" that got a break when funds were available. It was more than that. So few shows in the history of the visual medium remain consistantly funny even after repeated viewings. Your show is spoken in the same breath as "The Honeymooners","The Twilight Zone" and "Star Trek".

    You guys didn't just collect a paycheck for this show. You collected something equally important. That being viewers who admired, respected and stuck behind your show even when some thought it was so "far out there" that it wasn't worth watching.

    I've come across so many so-called comedy scripts that fall flat that the expectation I had for Back to Earth was something I wanted to look forward to. Your show inspired me to write a sci-fi comedy epic which I intend to pitch in Hollywood at the end of the year. It was because of Red Dwarf that lead me to believe that Sci-fi comedy is not dead.

    So now here we are. I sat and was stunned. The cast was older, the laughter was gone and the story premise was simply underwhelming. I can't imagine the workload you had in writing something that was acceptable to the network. Something that had to meet a deadline. A script that had to be shot on a certain date or there'd be no special at all.

    So I will end by saying that should you make an attempt to continue with "Red Dwarf: The Motion Picture" and get a decent budget, let me remind you that your best, your most inspired moments of Red Dwarf didn't just come from when there were two of you writing the episodes, but when you had the least amount of money to pull it off.

    Being a viewer from the USA, I can say you will do better than this. Even shakespeare had a couple of boring stories under his belt. But the guy busted his ass and made a comeback before the word comeback was a colloquialism.

    But you created Red Dwarf. And I'll follow you until it's back in all its glory.

    Richard Rivera
    Union City, New Jersey
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    That's a lovely letter. Perhaps you should put it in an envelope and send it to Doug Naylor?

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