What the hell was that supposed to be?

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by ledow2, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. ledow2

    ledow2 Skutter

    Apr 11, 2009
    First episode of "Back to Earth" discovered. Scanning for signs of Red Dwarf...

    Witty humour - Negative, traces only, and at sporadic and distant intervals (and not having the audience laughter makes it REALLY dull).
    Characterisations - Present, but virtually unrecognisable. All main characters traits missing, or exaggerated out of all recognition.
    Loveable "feel" of the Dwarf - Missing, presumed dead.

    However, we do have indications of poorly slapped together plot, unjoined, unexplained and spurious story elements, overly expensive and unnecessary special effects at expense of humour, pathetic, misguided attempts at inserting humour (suspect that they used a crowbar to do so) into the plotline.

    If this was what the ever-so-sought-after movie was going to be like, it's better off being a forever-dead prospect, and probably why nobody wanted to invest in it.

    Let's explain this properly - taking a ten year old, established, popular sitcom which has taken a hiatus, and bringing it back to telly, on a channel dedicated to reruns of the original series', and doing so by STARTING with 30 minutes of mind-numbing plot and poor "jokes" (I can literally count the "funny" parts on my fingers) is not the way to gain the trust of fans. I don't even WANT to see the second and third halves, and can only explain why I've set my DVDR to record them by the curiosity one has when one passes a major road accident - I want to see how bad a mess someone else has made.

    I can sit and watch any episode of the "real" Dwarf (i.e. anything but this) without problems and still laugh at the jokes I've heard a thousand times. Even the worst of the "real" episodes are light years ahead of this first "fake" episode, and I don't know how anyone had the gall to even try to get it on telly.

    And the Rimmer/Classic Cars thing? Please, if you're going to insert actor attributes into their characters, at least do someone else (that particular connection was already done in a previous "real" episode, and much better, when Rimmer drives Chris Barrie's own car on the beach) and make it a bit more subtle - that could easily have been made a telegraph pole joke, or similar, and kept in keeping with the character (remember those?).

    To sum up: What a load of smeg.:shock:
  2. ENVY16

    ENVY16 Third Technician

    Mar 27, 2009
    If I'm really really really honest...
    I couldn't disagree more :? But everyone's entitled to their own opinions, I just hope the remainder of the show changes your mind!
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Executive Officer

    Aug 6, 2001
    Please keep the discussion of BTE 1 to the appropriate thread. Thank you.
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