What the smeg is Lister's accent?

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    For me it was the nature of the angels that made them scary. You have to keep your eye on them, or they move. Very fast! Regardless of the fact that their affect is usually non-lethal. It's purely the psychological factor of the beings themselves. The fact I used to be afraid of statues and models as a kid probably helped.* It's something about the hard perfect faces and (in the case of statues) those white empty eyes. Whilst I love that spooky look now, they still give me bit of a chill. (Actually I probably like them for that reason. I'm weird like that.)

    And to suddenly find yourself in another time, can you honestly say that wouldn't be scary? If they sent you back far enough you could find yourself in the same geographical country, but with people of a different language and culture. That's pretty scary stuff, but secondary to the creatures themselves.

    Blink is probably my favourite Who episode to date I think. I'm not sure it's the best episode to show to someone as an example of Doctor Who though. It isn't a typical Doctor Who story. On the other hand it's a good scary story in it's own right, regardless of the Doctor, and that might prove a draw in it's own right.

    *Only the human modelled ones though. I loved animals like lions and such.
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    I really agree with this, and the episode was made scarier by showing shots of real statues at the end.

    Personally my favorite (and the creepiest to me) was The Empty Child episodes the scary repetitive "Are you my Mummy?" and the touch turning you into a replica of him....OMG that was creepy as all hell!

    Funnily enough the scariest moment for me was not from one of my favorite episodes. It's from the end of the Family of Blood where the little girl is in the mirror and the voice over says that those times when you think you glimpse an image in the mirror it's her...FREAKED ME OUT. I had to take our bathroom mirror off the hook on the wall and make it face the wall for a week afterwards. I wasn't horribly bothered by the rest of the episode (I like it, just wasn't horribly bothered) but that little moment really got to me.
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    Behind you!!! Ha Ha made you look!
    The Empty Child is my favourite episode closely followed by Blink!

    Blink is brilliantly scary but also has one of the funniest lines in it:

    "This is my timey-wimet detector..it goes ding when theres stuff!"
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    Yeah, I'm not arguing that Blink is perfect by any stretch - but everything Moffat has written for Doctor Who completely rains all over everything RTD has written! Moffat has an extreme talent at combining plot elements with humour and at the same time making ordinary things pretty scary - gas masks, broken clocks, statues and now with series four he made shadows themselves scary! I think he sees his remit, quite rightly, to scare the faeces out of kids! :-)

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    Interesting idea for a thread. The sheer range of accents, considering the small size of the UK, must be quite confusing to an American. A lot of the time, it doesn't follow any particular logic. I'm from Leicester, in the midlands. Most people here have a vaguely London accent. I, conversely, have a rather posh accent. I'm certainly of working class, so it isn't my upbringing. It isn't put on, either. I'm not sure how I ended up with it. The fact that I use words like "conversely" probably has something to do with it. I did have an MP3 of me singing a while back, although just to confuse matters further, the song was in Japanese.

    In conclusion, accents really can be confusing.
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    You know what you pick up in the media, I suppose. On the flip side, there are tons of American accent variations - I've noticed that other countries usually do the standard American TV announcer type one, the Brooklyn one, and of course the southern drawl. But the reality is that the accent does change within about 50 miles from where you are. Example: Philadelphia to NYC to Connecticut to Boston. All very different accents, and yet all clumped together as the Northeast.

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