What you liked & didnt. Specific please.

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  1. Jamsmyth

    Jamsmyth Skutter

    Apr 15, 2009
    I was disappointed up until the Kochanski moment. When I genuinely felt some of the warmth and heart came back to the show. I actually think they should have focused more on that aspect of the story as appose to the back to earth silliness.

    Liked: Kris and Lister
    Didnt: Unnecessary other hologram (very little point, hot though)
  2. mrtrebus

    mrtrebus Second Technician

    Feb 7, 2009
    The photo-scan gag
    The dvd format gag
    When the final credits started on the last episode

    The recycled plot
    The recycled gags
    The lazy script
    The bad acting
    The flat direction/editing
    The fact it was overlong & could have been told in half the time
    The clunky & unnecessary overuse of Bladerunner references - especially the fantasy death sequence within a hallucination!!
    The failed attempt to turn it into a drama with ‘emotional’ moments
    The references to Dave channel
    The feeling that the whole thing was rushed & Doug Naylor just thought “that’ll do” - not an ounce of quality control went into the making of this.
    The fact that you can kill a hologram by simply pushing it into oncoming traffic
    The confused subtext from Doug Naylor - on one hand he seemed to be moaning that the show didn't get further series & on the other, as demonstrated by the meet the creator scene, he was clearly telling fans that he doesn't even like the show anymore!!
    Following on from the above point - the fact that Doug Naylor is in it now just for the money, to get more cash out of fans by churnig out anyh old rubbish because he can't do anything else.
    The Coronation St scene
    Carbug scene
    Meet their creator scene
    Basically every scene apart from the gags in my Liked list
  3. kochanskitis

    kochanskitis Third Technician

    Apr 12, 2009
    Pt 1
    Sneeze ironing gag
    memorial moment
    Testicle gag
    Some bits of Dive bell sequence
    Liked introduction of new hologram

    Unsure moments
    Lister blackmail comments
    Rimmer cowardice speech

    DVD/video explantion
    psy scan moment
    Escalator scene
    Rimmer 3 parter complaint
    Rimmer photo analysis
    Kid titanic gag
    Kids trying to convince Lister's of his worthiness
    Rimmer killing hologram

    Unsure moments
    Comic book store actor seemed weak
    Ditto nose guy

    Pt 3
    Post box gag
    Gang trying to sound authentic mancs
    Mini rimmers
    Guys getting shot sequence
    Inital type writer bit(especially cat's why didn't i get a line, i just gave you one)
    Lister/kochanski sequence from sound of footsteps right through to him realising real hers not out of his league

    Unsure moments
    Meeting Craig charles actor bit with Steve from corrie
    Landing comments as they parked the car
    Second dave reference
    Rakes (seemed a bit simpsons to me)
  4. garfie

    garfie Catering Officer

    Jul 20, 2001
    Wrong side of the thin line between genius and ins
    Liked: The 'in my country we have several' line.
    There may be one or two more but I can't think of any right now. There were some that should have been in my like list but were so badly delivered I just can't put them in there.

    Disliked: The way several jokes seemed to be missing the punchline to make them funny eg the 'landing' of carbug which just looked stupid and I was waiting for Rimmer or someone to ask them what the hell they were doing.
    The postbox bit which someone on here has already re-written in a funnier way.
    The jokes that just didn't seem to be delivered as well as they should have been.
    The bladerunner rip off. I'm all for making nods to shows and films but way too much was used.
    The handdryer joke. Not funny and even Lister should know what a hand dryer is. How do they dry hands in the future?
    The rakes - so painfully badly done
    The reuse of the despair squid. OK they have reused characters and creatures before but usually in a different way and not as badly.
    The 'creator'.
    The bank jokes. They just seemed stuffed in to try and show it was up to date rather than because they were funny.
    Comic book guy. Leave him in the Simpsons please.
    The scene in the tv shop. Badly done so what could have been funny just wasn't.
    Rimmer killing whats-her-name. It seemed so out of character. I can totally see him wanting to do something like that but he would never actually have the balls to do it.

    That should do for now I think.
  5. stevo76

    stevo76 Skutter

    Apr 15, 2009

    New to the forum but here's my thoughts

    Just about everything! I think it was just a stroke of genius by the writers, the twists and turns and the thought of us all living in another dimension created by the ink from a giant squid just cracks me up!!! This is what the show is all about. The new sets where great, better by far than the previous series.
    Loved the Bladerunner-esq scenes one of my favourite movie's
    The Smart car as Starbug (carbug) brilliant.

    The fact Holly wasn't in it as he was in the original cast and I feel was a missing part.
    the final episodes end credits.

    Maybe some people think there was bad acting ect ect, but that's what Red Dwarf is about, the first few series didn't have the best acting in the world but everyone still loves them.

    I'm happy they made this 3 part special as it was great to see the characters in a new twisting story line I laughed all the way through.

    Brilliant, thumbs up to all involved in the making and here hoping a series 9 WILL be made. Bring it on!!

  6. oxonium35

    oxonium35 Skutter

    Apr 15, 2009
    Liked: Nothing
    Disliked: Everything

    I actually quite liked the memorial scene, thought it was touching but don't really feel it belongs in red dwarf particularly.
    I smirked at testicle but only because it's so lame. and the snot ironing for same reasons
    and about the dvd format tapes thing and the photo screen zoom gag. But they are weak weak jokes and even though i smirked they are dislikes because i would rather there was nothing to smirk about than smirk out of some sort of 'bad joke' pity.

    I hated everything else, absolutely everything everyone has written above and i can't be bothered to write down again. Hated it. awful awful awful. it was shockingly diabolical that anyone let this script get made. what a wasted opportunity after 10 years. it utterly astonishes me how the cast and crew have actually gone through with this shambles (and almost all of series 7&8 ) without piping up and saying "hang on, 'scuse me doug, sorry but this is sh*#"

    i'm off to go read some better than life and watch thanks for the memory. we don't need more, what we have and love (minus 2.5 series') is all we require. stop.
  7. TriggerHappyCathal

    TriggerHappyCathal Third Technician

    Apr 4, 2009
    All part 1 and 3 and some moments of part 2 especially when Rimmer pushed the new hologram woman onto the street to me, that was one of the funniest moments ever in Red Dwarf.

    Some moments of part 2 were quite weak like when we heard there was a series 9? Kinda dumb especially with the guy in the comic store saying "Best season ever if ya ask me!"

    But in the end, l lloved BTE and can't wait to get it on Blu-Ray!
  8. bedfordfalls

    bedfordfalls Deck Sergeant

    Apr 13, 2009
    Way to miss the point of that speech dude. Last time I checked Red Dwarf had 2 creators and it wasn't Doug Naylor who had "grown weary" of it. Have another think about who the "creator" in that scene might actually have been.
  9. Stalfos

    Stalfos Third Technician

    Apr 9, 2009
    Well quite a few people loved series 7 and 8 you know, and the response to BtE from RD fans has been mixed but it has been mostly positive. Just because you don't like series 7, 8 and BtE (I presume that's what you mean by the '2.5' series) doesn't mean that is what we all think. And you're waaaaay off with the 'all we require. stop' remark. 99% of RD fans are desperate for more Red Dwarf. Most of us a crying out for more Red Dwarf, there's no way in the world it should stop.
  10. bedfordfalls

    bedfordfalls Deck Sergeant

    Apr 13, 2009

    The lack of attempt to resolve the frankly awful cliffhanger from series 8. It would have just wasted uneccesary time and I can now pretend series 8 never happened or was all some dream caused by a "weird space ray"! Point is we don't need to know how it was resolved.

    The restoration of Kochanski to the chased after ideal that drives Lister on and her removal from the main cast. Thank you Doug for putting this right. Female characters should only ever be guest stars on this show anything more destroys the key dynamic of "desperate men in space".

    The Blade Runner stuff - There I said it, although the explanation that "Blade Runner inspired your creation" didn't make sense I enjoyed the oragami and parody stuff. People moaning because they havn't seen it should thank Doug for opening there eyes to a brilliant film (and an even better book).

    The running length: Thanks for not cramming in "previously on Red Dwarf" style reminders just to fill time.

    The science stuff: After the awfulness of the "Mirror universe" and the disgraceful non-continuity of the "time drive" from Tikka this made alot more sense and was much better explained. Please try and keep the science up to scratch in future.

    Craig Charles acting: Three key scenes - the graveyard, the kids on the bus and the final scenes all either brought or almost brought a tear to my eye,/lumo in my throat. 3 brilliantly written scenes by Doug that Craig deserves tremndous praise for making so believeable. When he repeated that stuff the kids had told him I felt like punching the air with joy.

    Keeping me in genuine suspense: Even though alot was spoiled by the internet, the appearence of Kochanski and the "brown trousers" suspense over how it was going to end were only bettered by finally getting to the end and everything turning out fine. I don't know about anyone else but I was seriously worried they were leaving it on a cliffhanger or worse still writing Lister out.

    The good meta stuff - jokes about the show, the "hidden" DVD's and "Holly"

    The new style jokes - some great jokes here that perhaps showed the way forward. While the one liners sometimes fell flat without (dare I say it) an audiance. The cleverer jokes like the psyscan stuff, the comic guy suggesting ways to get them to their destinations, the phone call (and craig's brilliant facial expressions) The DVD's, the "bank" jokes et al were hilarious. Oh and "I need to get back to the priory" was one one liner that had me in stitches.

    No laughter track. Not necessary for this sort of Dwarf and the only time it was missed was on some of the flatter one liners where it might have made them sound funnier than they were. however that could probably be applied to other series too.

    Finally I'd like to say I enjoyed the mature storytelling approach that gave me confidence for Red Dwarf's future.


    Coronation Street: I wouldn't have minded them going there and meeting Craig (with his great Priory line) but I didn't want to see characters from the show such as Steve McDonald turning up. At least they kept it to a minimum and it was better than I thought it would be when I saw the original pics.

    The Rakes!: I think everyone agrees that not only was this not original (ok so maybe it was a pastiche) but it was also a waste of time that could have been spent explaining the plot better. The rake scene in the Simpsons was deliberately done to stretch out a short episode so its ironic that it was put in here when we only had minutes left to wrap up the story.

    Some of the one liners: My humble advice would be to minimise the one liners in future as there are smarter ways to tell jokes and without laughter or a studio these fall flat and start to sound repetitious.
  11. StillNumber1

    StillNumber1 Skutter

    Apr 15, 2009
    First off, I reckon the general opinion on the internet's been far too picky and negative. Red Dwarf's been veering into mediocre action-com territory since series 6 (culminating in Kochanski's pointless arrival and, er, series 8 - but enough about that), but it's never been awful - just slightly less funny. Those who pick at Dave's Red Dwarf revival either were going to pick at it whatever, being 'fans', or for some reason were looking only to BBC to revive it - despite the "Beeb"s bizarre treatment of the show when it was actually on there.

    No, Dave's version was a pleasant surprise. Belatedly, I'll go into specifics...

    - Finally, a return to the old sort of humour and set up - like Lister & Rimmer, sat around talking. The same use of silly jargon without it simply being there for occasional exposition. Didn't think I would say this, but I thought it was funnier than a lot of later Dwarfs.

    - Ok, so the Dave references & stuff like that were cheesy - but the Coronation Street bit was genius. Could've been taken further though, perhaps with the other actors.

    - Didn't really understand the Blade Runner bit, despite it being on my 'to see' list - was a good addition though.

    - There were more references to Kryten being a robot and Cat being, er, a Cat - yes, they've been around humans, etc, etc, but the fact that in the last two series they were basically human irritated me.

    - The sets - I wasn't sure about them at first, but they're done well, and combined with the series 8 look of the ship, are another 'take' on it.

    edit - after reading the post above, I've got to add Craig's line about the priory - genius.

    What I didn't like...

    - Katerina - tacked on and irritating, and it was rammed down our throats that she 'added a touch of glamour'.

    - The title sequence - good idea, but, er, not great considering they had 3 episodes to work with when compiling it.

    another edit - The fact that, strangely, despite the fact it wasn't filmed in front of an audience for the purpose of not leaking the storyline, the good old internet managed to sort it out and reveal most of it. Great stuff.

    - The incredibly cheesy ending - I know it's a very sentimental return after 10 years, but was that necessary?

    Apart from all that, I enjoyed it. Now, get a new series on Dave sorted out, please? :P

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