Which remastered episodes from 1-3 beat originals?

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    When comparing the remastered episodes vs the originals of S1-3, which remastered episodes do you feel are superior to the originals?

    I REALLY prefer The End remastered over the original, despite the two or three obvious flaws (floating frame skutters :P ) - mainly because of the added Holly jokes (any urine found cheating), the evolution of Cat depictions and awkward "sir" being cut. The cut during the "laboratory mice" bunk scene makes it flow better too.

    I can't think of any other episodes that I like better, but I remember that the Nirvana-like music cue over the space-bike scene worked really well, and a lot of the fixes improved a lot of the scenes over the duration of the three series... Unfortunately more hindered than helped, and many of the cuts that were made were detrimental.
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    Thanks for the memory (new blue midget is way better), Backwards (just less crap), ME 2 (the death sequence is much stronger) and Future Echos!
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    What the remastered improved on they ruined in other places, like polymorph could be considered better in the remastered but then you have silly changes like dubbing rimmers mothers voice and a replaced ending with just some series 8 style text

    And stuff like in 'The End' where they did certain things like add background noise so the ship sounded more busy but then they have hologramme rimmer run through the cat with the added crashing sound effect, its like when They felt something didn't make sense they wanted to improve it and when they felt they could make something funnier they would do it even if it didn't make sense

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