WHY critics of RD: BTE are picky hypocrites!

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by MESPITE, Apr 20, 2009.

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    I personally wouldn't go that far, but I'd agree in part. I've been watching some old Doctor Who too (I haven't seen much of it, although I've seen most of the new stuff) and there were some plot stinkers there too... (although I won't criticize the effects then as they couldn't entirely help it then. New Who I think has fairly decent effects, although sometimes the CGI is ropey.

    Since when has he done that? Anti-female? What sex have most of the companions of new Who been? Come to think of it what sex have many of the strongest guest characters been? If anything I think RTD rather likes women. He is a homosexual, and some homosexuality has appeared in Doctor Who and (even more) in Torchwood, but then it occurs in real life too. That isn't anti-women though.

    And since when has there been an anti-religious tirades? Actually it could be argued there has been some religious symbolism, sometimes rather inapropriate I think. (The whole Doctor Who hero worship, and the ascending with angels thing, etc.) As for anti-magic tirades, I've heard nothing of the sort. I have heard him mention that there would be no magic in Doctor Who because it is a Science Fiction show... but that's fair enough isn't it?

    There are a few things in Doctor Who I'm not keen on, and I welcome Moffat's greater involvemet. To be fair though RTD has done a lot of good things with new Who (including bringing it back int he first place).
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    Oooh, spooky. Say Tex: what are next weekend's lottery numbers?

    J :-D

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