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  1. Rageofangels

    Rageofangels First Technician

    Apr 14, 2009
    What would you like in the new series. Just say Yes or No to the below (and give a reason if you like). Cut and paste them into your own post and then comment!

    Ace Rimmer
    Duane Dibbley
    A story arc
    More regulars
    More trips back to earth
    Talkie Toaster
    SKutters (hangs head in shame)
  2. Rageofangels

    Rageofangels First Technician

    Apr 14, 2009
    Holly YES - Oh yes. Bring Holly back full time!
    Kochanski NO - Keep it how it used to be in the earlier series. Make references to her, but the thought is better than reality
    Ace Rimmer NO - Never really loved the idea of Ace Rimmer. It was okay, but he's been around enough now.
    Polymorphs DON'T MIND - Could be good for a story. But not sure how well it would work
    Duane Dibbley NO - He was funny, but now he's been used about as much as you can so let's leave him well alone
    A story arc YES - Story arcs are always good.
    More regulars NO - Bring it back to the old ways
    More trips back to earth NO NO NO - Keep it on the ship!
    Talkie Toaster YES - Yes, but only in one or two episodes, as I think it could have to potential of being annoying
    Scutters YES - I miss those robots! Bring them back, along with the John Wayne movies
  3. talkie3000

    talkie3000 Deck Sergeant

    Nov 18, 2002
    Red Dwarf, Deep space
    Holly - yes
    Kochanski - no
    Ace Rimmer - no
    Polymorphs - no
    Duane Dibbley - no
    A story arc - yes
    More regulars - no
    More trips back to earth - depends on story
    Talkie Toaster - depends on story
    Scutters - yes
  4. bigtimedwarfer

    bigtimedwarfer Second Technician

    Oct 19, 2004
    Birmingham England
    With the proviso that I'm just looking forward to seeing what Doug comes up with my answers are as follows:

    Holly - Yes, preferably played by Norm but I guess he had other ideas
    Kochanski - Sparingly, I quite liked Chloe but prefer to see Kochanski used as an aspirational character
    Ace Rimmer - No, just leave it alone please
    Polymorphs - As above
    Duane Dibbley - As above
    A story arc - In the sense that returning to earth was the overall arc for series I and II, yes. In the sense of Pete, Back in the Red, BtE and Epideme, no. I hope there are no multi-parters.
    More regulars - Probably not but no strong opinion
    More trips back to earth - As above
    Talkie Toaster - Hmm, I'n not sure. The vending machine in Only the Good was Talkie by another means wasn't it?
    Scutters - Yes.
  5. betelgeuse

    betelgeuse Catering Officer

    Mar 27, 2010
    - Holly - definately, played by hattie hayridge, or if they have tpo get someone else isy suttie.
    - Kochanski - yes, though only towards the end of the series, I'd like to see at least half the episodes with just the core dwarf boys.
    - Ace Rimmer - no the jokes been made a couple of times, if a parallel universe IS shown it should be a similar rimmer and not ace who appears.
    - Polymorphs - yes, but only if donw in a cool creative way. Why not xenomorphs as well?
    Duane Dibbley - no, no, no! again, this joke has been done.
    A story arc - yes, although only a simple arc such as 'find kochanski then find earth' or 'repair the dwarf and holly, find kochanski'
    More regulars - I'd like tony hawks, hattie of course to return. Maybe a call back to series 1 and 2 in some way for one episode where the crew find a room they never knew existed? like a freemasons room lol
    More trips back to earth - no, this has also been explored fully I think. Earth should be an unattainable goal right up until the very end.
    Talkie Toaster - yes! he can be like the dwarf's 'anti-orac' lol unpredicatbly useful even though he's designed to be extremely limited in use.
    Scutters - alot of fans are like 'fanboy-big' on scutters and how they return and so on. I think the cg scutters in BTE were fine. Some fans say that it would be great to invest alot in working scutters so the actors have something to react with, and yet with the cg, the actors still react with a glove puppet or whatever, controlled by danny in BTE I believe, this infuses more personalioty into a scutter than an extremely limited moterised bin lol

    more time travel stories, at least one instance of a parallel universe dwarf crew, threatening aliens (not gelf or polymorphs - think more klingons or xenomorphs), maybe more of a homage to Blakes 7?, Holly's role and character has to be evolved both aesthetically and in the substance of the character etc
  6. Bluey

    Bluey Science Officer

    Jul 28, 2001
    Holly - Yes, so long as it's Norman Lovett. Otherwise I'd prefer that the character is permanently retired.
    Kochanski - No.
    Ace Rimmer - No, his return in series 6 was good, but not so good in series 7.
    Polymorphs - No, I'd prefer Doug to come up with something more original.
    Duane Dibbley - No, his reappearance in series 6 could have been awful but it turned out great. His reappearance in series 8 was awful.
    A story arc - No, perhaps future series could try a story arc, but I'd prefer the upcoming series to follow the 'six self-contained stories' format of series 3 to 5.
    More regulars - No, just the usual four, or possibly five if Norman returns. Actually I wouldn't mind if Talkie Toaster became a semi-regular.
    More trips back to earth - Yes, if Doug can come up with a good, original storyline.
    Talkie Toaster - Yes.
    Scutters - Yes, I loved seeing them in Back To Earth.
  7. sanja

    sanja Supply Officer

    Feb 28, 2007
    3 milion years from Earth
    Holly- YES!!! I missed (any) Holly
    Kochanski-Why not
    Ace Rimmer- yes
    Polymorphs- YES
    Duane Dibbley- Nope
    A story arc-ok
    More regulars-don't mind
    More trips back to earth- maybe but not so much story happening on Earth
    Talkie Toaster- yes
    Scutters- They just must be there ;-)
  8. sundayforsammy

    sundayforsammy Deck Sergeant

    Nov 12, 2009
    Newcastle UK
    Holly- Yes
    Kochanski- Undecided
    Ace Rimmer- No
    Polymorphs- Yes
    Duane Dibbley- No
    A story arc- yes
    More regulars- No
    More trips back to earth- No
    Talkie Toaster- yes
    Scutters- Yes
  9. cc4rhu

    cc4rhu Skutter

    Aug 16, 2010
    Gateshead, UK
    Holly - yes. I'm actually sometimes fed up with Kryten and would like to see Holly back.
    Kochanski - not as a main character. Kind of like how early Kochanski was shown in earlier episodes
    Ace Rimmer - no. wasn't really funny the first time.
    Polymorphs - no. Once funny, twice ok, three times!!!
    Duane Dibbley - no.
    A story arc - yes but no two or three parters.
    More regulars - no.
    More trips back to earth - possibly, depends on the story. No Dallas though!
    Talkie Toaster - yes
    Scutters - yes
  10. bigtimedwarfer

    bigtimedwarfer Second Technician

    Oct 19, 2004
    Birmingham England
    I'll bet you there are no aliens at all in series 10. Just as there have been none in any episode or book concerning Red Dwarf to date.;-)
  11. counting_sheep

    counting_sheep First Technician

    Apr 11, 2009
    Buckinghamshire, England
    Holly - yes
    Kochanski - yes but only in a couple of episodes
    Ace Rimmer - no been done enough
    Polymorphs - no
    Duane Dibbley - no once was good, twice was ok, the dibbly family was terrible
    A story arc - yes
    More regulars - no the 4 of them was always the best
    More trips back to earth - no
    Talkie Toaster - yes but only in a couple of episodes
    Scutters - maybe not too fussed
  12. adorabelle

    adorabelle Console Officer

    Mar 9, 2009
    Holly - yes, I'd prefer Norman though.
    Kochanski - yes but in a minor role
    Ace Rimmer - no, I don't think there's much else to with Ace-
    Polymorphs - no.
    Duane Dibbley - no same as Ace Rimmer.
    A story arc - no.
    More regulars - yes, Petersen!
    More trips back to earth - yes.
    Talkie Toaster - yes.
    Scutters - yes.
  13. Smegerama

    Smegerama Supply Officer

    Mar 18, 2009
    Garbage World
    As a member of the Church of Latter Day Skutters, I welcome our robotic friends to frolic in a new series.

    Holly - Only if Norman or Hattie agree to play the character.
    Kochanski - Played by Clare Grogan for a flashback sequence. Ah, wishful thinking.
    Ace Rimmer - Possibly.
    Polymorphs - Maybe. If they can put yet another twist on it like Emohawk did.
    Duane Dibbley - No. While I don't agree with most people's hatred of his Series VIII cameo, using him at this point would be overkill and unoriginality.
    A story arc - Maybe, if it's a good one.
    More regulars - Nah.
    More trips back to earth - Maybe, but don't overdo it.
    Talkie Toaster - Yes. Bring him in for one episode.
    Skutters - Absolutely. Skutters are the greatest thing on God's green Earth. Or would that be God's Red Dwarf? 8)

    SKUTTER HAS NO 'C' IN IT! IT'S A 'K'! Just a friendly tip to you snegheads who speel things wroong.
  14. Daniel

    Daniel Console Officer

    Mar 12, 2009
    Harlow, Essex, England
    Good grief it's spreading! Another friendly tip though, always check your spelling when trying to correct someone else's ;-)

    On topic, and because I'm lazy, "no" to all bar:

    Holly - yes, if brought back in a worthwhile capacity
    Skutters - yes also
    Plot arc - BIG NO. Not a fan of plot arcs in a show like this (episodic with each episode or almost each episode being a separate story)
  15. backtoreality

    backtoreality Supply Officer

    Apr 26, 2010
    Dublin, Ireland
    Holly - Yes
    Kochanski - 1-5 minute cameo, keep a season 1 & 2 style Kochanski just out of reach, but its all good
    Ace Rimmer - not really
    Polymorphs - maybe
    Duane Dibbley - No
    A story arc - No
    More regulars - just cameo and 1 episode appearances really
    More trips back to earth - don't mind
    Talkie Toaster - yes
    Scutters - yes
  16. Mardroid

    Mardroid Console Officer

    Mar 15, 2004
    Holly - Yes. Hattie

    Kochanski - Yes, but not straight away. I like the idea that she is the goal of the series. (That sounds funny.)

    Ace Rimmer - Yes, if they do something different with him. People always seem to have the idea that he will return as the same basic character as the other series. But considering what happened in series VII they could throw in twist on the idea. I.e. it could be VII's Rimmer having failed. Or our Rimmer could be the Ace returned, and this could be the human version of series VIII having suffered a little tap on the head between series...

    Polymorphs - No, although if they come up with something different I wouldn't mind. I WOULD like to see other other kinds of gelf though.

    Duane Dibbley - No.

    A story arc - Yes. As long as we have self contained episodes, but the kind of arc they have in Doctor Who would be great.

    More regulars - Apart from Holly/Hattie, and Kochanski (although I'd prefer her not to be a regular in this series.) No.

    More trips back to earth - Yes, but it depends. I wouldn't mind seeing the Earth of the time period they originate from, or the Earth of their current (3 million years in future) time period. I'm very curious about that. No more going back to our time period(ish). It's been done before. A lot. (Mind you, they've gone back to their own past time period in Timeslides too, but we saw little of that world.

    Talkie Toaster - Not really fussed. Yes, if used sparingly.
    Scutters - Yes.

    Other things - The Cat Race. It would be great to catch up with them.
  17. onephatsmegger

    onephatsmegger Second Technician

    Jul 31, 2008
    Holly - Yes. I love Hattie but would love to see Norm back in the role.
    Kochanski - Yes.
    Ace Rimmer - No. It's been done to death and the whole Ace mythos was messed up in series 7.
    Polymorphs - Yes. Polymorph III is dying to be written!
    Duane Dibbley - No. Again, a retread. RD needs to break new ground.
    A story arc - Yes. Defintiely, although it would be nice if each show wasn't a slave to it and could be a self-contained story whilst still retaining a continuing storyline - a la RD lost.
    More regulars - Yes.
    More trips back to earth - No. RD has always been about Lister's journey back to Earth. There is plenty of space and plenty of storylines in the whole universe, why limit yourself to a planet?
    Talkie Toaster - Yes. A cameo, maybe a 'howdy doodly-doo'
    Scutters - YES! How can it be RD without skutters?
  18. MyMindIsGoing

    MyMindIsGoing First Technician

    Nov 12, 2009
    Location, Location is a TV show about houses.
    Holly - YES
    I'm actually in two minds about this as Kryten really makes Holly somewhat superfluous. Still, be nice to see him or her again.

    Kochanski - YES
    I refuse to give up on her. She was so well written in Last Human, I don't know why Doug turned her into a walking cliche. I'm hoping that they find her at the end of the series and that her hellish experiences have toughened her up.

    Ace Rimmer - NO
    I really can't see any more comedic mileage in Ace. The character would need to become a lot more rounded and flawed before he could make a worthwhile reappearence.

    Polymorphs - NO
    Again, the idea is done. If there's a good enough plot reason to bring them back, then by all means. I don't see one though.

    Duane Dibbley - NO
    The guy doesn't even exist! Let Danny do other stuff!

    A story arc - YES
    I really want a darker and more dramatic edge to New Dwarf in order to throw the humour into sharp relief and plot arcs are essential to that.

    More regulars - NO
    We have 4/5/6 regulars [delete as you see fit] which is plenty. Too many and you're left with characters with very little to do. I believe the term is "Adric-ing".

    More trips back to earth - NO
    Seeing what the whole series is about, this doesn't make much sense.

    Talkie Toaster - YES
    Why not! Love to get David Ross back in the role. Just as long as the bread obsession is quietened down.

    Scutters - YES
    They're an integral part of the ship itself. Plus they can be an excellent source of comedy (now that they know how to work them!)
  19. Number_58

    Number_58 Second Technician

    Mar 31, 2006
    Thank you with a capital 'R'! :P

    Holly If it's worth it, otherwise I'd say there's mileage to get out of him/her not being back online.

    Kochanski Same as above, really. I'd like to see Kochanski again, and get some clarification on why she left the ship but it might be better for the show and Lister for him to be chasing her again.

    Ace Rimmer Stoke Me A Clipper and Blue closed Series I-VII Rimmer's story arc for me. He's given the break he always wanted whether he knows it or not as well as the promotion, and the crew said goodbye to him. Taking it all from him would be wrong, I think and I can't envision a gag good enough that would be worth undoing the emotional investment I had in that episode (especially since it was my first RD episode). "We're giving you a second chance at life, and an opportunity for you to screw it up in a new and original way." for Nano Rimmer and all that.

    Polymorphs Possibly but I'd rather Mr. Naylor come up with more original ideas.

    Duane Dibbley Depends on the concept.

    A story arc I don't want a six part story nor do I want the comedy drama elements ditched for six entirely standalone shows.

    More regulars Probably not. Though I would like to know where the rest of the crew has gone.

    Yeah, I didn't like how Cat and Kochanski got bumped to the sidelines in Series VIII. One of the reasons I very much appreciate most of BTE's Cat moments.

    More trips back to earth Not big on the idea but depends on the concept, really.

    Talkie Toaster Hard to top his last appearance.

    Skutters Why not?

    Scutters No thanks. ;-)
  20. SurfboardingKillerBikiniVampireGirl

    SurfboardingKillerBikiniVampireGirl Catering Officer

    Aug 27, 2010
    Holly - Yes, always happy to see either Holly, though with Kryten providing exposition on legs, they'd have to get creative with the character to make it work.
    Kochanski - I'd like to see Lister get her in the end, but would prefer not have her in most of the series (except perhaps very sporadically, possibly as some sort of hallucination again) - unless they can come up with some funnier lines for her this time around.
    Ace Rimmer - I think they've squeezed all they can out of Ace, but I would like to see yet another type of other-dimensional Rimmer.
    Polymorphs - Polymorphs are always good fun, so I say bring them on for another go.
    Duane Dibbley - Duane was hilarious the first time, funny the second time, and "oh no, not again" the third time - they should let this one go.
    A story arc - I tend to prefer the standalone episodes, but I'd be open to a story arc of some sort.
    More regulars - Not necessary, though I wouldn't be against it if they were really awesome.
    More trips back to earth - No - except perhaps at the very end, and preferably the far-future rather than present earth.
    Talkie Toaster - Sure - I love anthropomorphic objects.
    Scutters - Love the skutters, always happy to see them.

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