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  1. Cloud

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    Feb 22, 2002
    Death Valley
    Yep so in some sort of insane excitement for the new series I tried to fill my head with as much dwarf as I possibly could. So for the past couple of months before bed I have watched a few episodes. I watched series 1 to 8, then watched the remastered versions of 1-3 and then any of the extended episodes from series 7, then I watched every documentary that is on the discs then I watched 1-8 again...with the commentary on! It has been quite the ride.

    Here is just some Cloud thoughts on the whole thing.

    - 1-6 are the best things in the whole world. I am all about them! best tv show ever
    - after watching 1-6 series 7 is like a kick in the teeth, but is watchable and has some good episodes and moments and by the time epideme comes along I enjoyed it well enough
    - 8 is awful. Just awful back in the 90's and before the dvds I ranked 8 about 7. I take it all back. 8 really stinks, it isn't dwarf. Pete part 1 and 2 are just awful like really bad.
    - the documentary's are great I really like the ones on the body snatcher collection that shows the set and how it was all connected.
    - The commentaries were also good. Although watching them all back to back I did get sick of "Ham, Salad!" over and over again. I really liked Roberts joke where he kept saying everything was influenced by red dwarf even things that were made 30 years before it.
    - from the commentaries you can tell the cast arn't enjoying 7 and 8 as much as the older series.
    - Norman lovett is the biggest moan on the planet. While I like Holly the character Norman the person seems like an unpleasant grump.
    -The dvds are great the extras are top stuff.
    - I like that you can see Rimmers old silver H at least all the way up until series 4.
    - Back to earths picture quality is just fantastic.
    - Series 8 looks bad. Everything is too bright and fake looking and the sets are less impressive than the fantastic ones from 7.
    - I hate having to hear about Chloe's costume and hair.
    - I am hella excited for series 10. I can't believe I will have new episodes and new commentaries and docs to watch.
    - My fave five episodes are Quarintine, back to reality, Polymorph, Body Swap, Better than life.
    - My least fave episodes are all of Series 8 ( I know this is cheating but every episode is bad...even cassandra I don't get the love for this...its bad) Ouroborus, Beyond a joke, , Meltdown, and thanks for the memory.
    -The smeg ups are funny
    - also is can't smeg wont smeg in an weird kinda bad way.
    -Cloud rules.
    - The remastering sucks but it is fun to watch it with the text track.
    - Chris' impressions are great, Tony Hawks and Dougs being particularly good.
    - It is a shame Norman always gets favoured over Hattie, she seems very nice and never seems to complain like he does.
    -I don't get how Danny thinks the coronation street man saying that have "one more episode" confirms that there isnt a series 9.
    - Cloud and Harry rule./
  2. Presuming Ken

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    Jan 29, 2012
    They are indeed the best seasons of Red Dwarf so far. But not as good as Auf Weidersehen, Pet series 1 and 2.

    Yeah, pretty much agreed.

    Yup, totally agree!

    Indeed they are, well said. Along with Empire of Dreams and the Dr Who stuff, best DVD docs out there.

    I mostly watch the series with commentaries on now. They are brilliant. I much prefer commentaries on older programmes. But now, when a programme is broadcast the commentaries are made virtually straight after. Which, silly though it sounds, kind of defeats the object for me.

    I thought the main players really enjoyed them to be fair. Except Norm...

    Again, yup. Compare his affable nature in the first two series' DVD commentaries with series 8. If I was there i'd have told him to stop being a miserable git or smeg off.


    Must've missed this. is it on the bunk or something?


    I think the look suits the content.

    I hate having to hear Chloe.

    Good stuff. Glad to see Better Than Life there. THE best episode of them all.

    After series 8 you can't put any other episode an a 'worst' list.


    I find it quite weird too but not sure why...

    Moving on...


    Yup, even me bird started saying 'It's Tony Hawks' round the house after i'd copied Chris a 100 times.

    Yeah, she is more of a sport.

    Dripping with salad sauce, of course.

    I still need that explaining.

    And you were doing so well...
  3. Bluey

    Bluey Science Officer

    Jul 28, 2001
    I agree with everything you wrote except for these bits:

    As I've mentioned, I recently watched all the episodes from start to finish. And, yes, watching them in order really reinforces how bad 7 and (especially) 8 are. The big question for me is:

    Will series X be as good as series 1 to 6?
  4. simulant37

    simulant37 Science Officer

    Feb 3, 2012
    A noble endeavour sir. I salute you. Your country salutes you.8)
  5. Paul Taylor

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Peterborough UK
    A comprehensive effort, Cloud! I remove my trousers to you!
  6. adorabelle

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    Mar 9, 2009
    Congratulations Cloud. I think that's the most sensible post I've ever seen from you.

    Edit: I agree with pretty much everything you said, apart from series VIII which really isn't all that bad.

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