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    To constrain the thread and make it more challenging, you can't just list your faves.

    Your brief is to choose one story from each series - with an option to include/not include the Director's Cut of BTE - to be released on DVD, or shown as a "Red Dwarf Marathon" on Dave. It has to work as an introductory collection of stories, although you could, reasonably, rely on Holly's SOS call to justify the omission of The End.

    You're allowed multi-parters as single stories, and, more importantly, a "wildcard" ep, which is an extra ep from one series.

    Here are mine:

    The End
    Thanks for the Memory
    Dimension Jump
    Holoship AND Back to Reality
    Out of Time
    Stoke Me a Clipper
    Back in the Red
    Back To Earth

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