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  1. AJ Smeggnog

    AJ Smeggnog Second Technician

    Apr 18, 2011
    I know there have been threads where people have talked about their favourite, and least favourite, Red Dwarf episodes of all time, but I was wondering how us Dwarfers actually rank series I to VIII episode by episode. As crazy as this sounds, I have ranked the 52 episodes of the series based (basically) on how much I enjoyed (and still do enjoy) these episodes. It was difficult to do, and personally I think these episodes could easily move up or down in my views as to how great they are, but I gave it a go, and here's my top 52:

    52] Beyond a Joke
    51] Pete: Part II
    50] Duct Soup
    49] Pete: Part I
    48] Waiting for God
    47] Nanarchy
    46] Epideme
    45] Back in the Red: Part II
    44] Balance of Power
    43] The End
    42] Only the Good...
    41] Ouroboros
    40] Krytie TV
    39] Back in the Red: Part I
    38] Demons and Angels
    37] Back in the Red: Part III
    36] Parallel Universe
    35] Stoke Me a Clipper
    34] Camille
    33] The Last Day
    32] Out of Time
    31] Confidence and Paranoia
    30] Queeg
    29] Rimmerworld
    28] Me²
    27] The Inquisitor
    26] Blue
    25] Psirens
    24] Cassandra
    23] Tikka to Ride
    22] Stasis Leak
    21] Terrorform
    20] Thanks for the Memory
    19] Holoship
    18] Quarantine
    17] Kryten
    16] Better Than Life
    15] Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    14] Emohawk: Polymorph II
    13] Bodyswap
    12] Justice
    11] Legion
    10] Future Echoes
    9] Timeslides
    8] DNA
    7] Back to Reality
    6] Meltdown
    5] Marooned
    4] Dimension Jump
    3] Backwards
    2] White Hole
    1] Polymorph

    Some of these placings are controversial to be fair; like Meltdown in a top ten, and even I find it odd that Gunmen wasn't in my top ten (I thought it would be before I started), but this "chart" has been based on my personal enjoyment of the episodes.

    So, that's my take. What's yours? How do you rank Red Dwarf's first 52 episodes?
  2. Bluey

    Bluey Science Officer

    Jul 28, 2001
    I think multiple-story episodes should be considered single entries. For example, Pete should count as one episode rather than two. I mean, you wouldn't get out your Red Dwarf DVD collection and decide to watch Back In The Red part 2 or 3, would you? You'd watch it all the way through from part 1.

    I'll give my top ten:

    1. Back to Reality
    2. Out of Time
    3. Marooned
    4. Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    5. Beyond a Joke
    6. Duct Soup
    7. Thanks for the Memory
    8. Blue
    9. Epideme
    10. The End
  3. Number_58

    Number_58 Second Technician

    Mar 31, 2006
    Why no Back to Earth?
  4. AJ Smeggnog

    AJ Smeggnog Second Technician

    Apr 18, 2011
    Good point, it's just I think you can tell there's a difference in quality between the divided episodes of Back in the Red and Pete. I'm guessing that's just me though.

    I thought this thread was more relevant here than in the BTE section, so I left it out has this is just I to VIII.
  5. Daniel

    Daniel Console Officer

    Mar 12, 2009
    Harlow, Essex, England
    Never be afraid to cross the barriers between the parts of the forums, or branch off-topic a bit around here. We aren't a forum that gets too snotty about it happening ;-) So mixing Series I-VIII with Back to Earth (and when it comes out, Series X... I hate calling it that already) isn't going to cause any problems or get you in trouble or anything, and you just post it in whichever part seems most applicable. We're generally pretty chilled out about these sorts of things :-D

    I'll have to think a bit before trying to concoct any sort of list. It's always an ever-changing beast depending on which episodes I randomly quote in any given day after all!
  6. Diet_coke

    Diet_coke Science Officer

    Nov 12, 2010
    my top ten would be...

    ah im a bit bored im sorry.
  7. petetranter

    petetranter Catering Officer

    Feb 18, 2009
    I have narrowed it down to only 37 episodes in my top 10.
  8. Mardroid

    Mardroid Console Officer

    Mar 15, 2004
    Yeah. I couldn't list the entire run of Red Dwarf in order of favour. With that many episodes many are going to share places. Besides, I tend to like episodes in different ways. (I.e. some are good sci-fi stories, some great comedy. And some, both.)
  9. AJ Smeggnog

    AJ Smeggnog Second Technician

    Apr 18, 2011
    Bumping my own thread, but what the hell? After recently rewatching all the episodes of Red Dwarf, I've decided to look back at my own chart and see how things have changed. I've been helped by ranking the episodes via the Series I-XI scores thread, so this list will also include X, XI and Back to Earth, which for various reasons I missed previously.

    67] Back in the Red: Part 2
    66] Pete: Part 2
    65] Pete: Part 1
    64] Only the Good...
    63] Krytie TV
    62] Waiting for God
    61] Lemons
    60] Can of Worms
    59] Beyond a Joke
    58] Parallel Universe
    57] Back to Earth: Part 3
    56] Twentica
    55] Duct Soup
    54] Back in the Red: Part 3
    53] The End
    52] Back to Earth: Part 2
    51] Epideme
    50] Blue
    49] Back to Earth: Part 1
    48] Krysis
    47] The Last Day
    46] Nanarchy
    45] Back in the Red: Part 1
    44] Demons & Angels
    43] Confidence & Paranoia
    42] Psirens
    41] Stoke Me a Clipper
    40] Balance of Power
    39] Ouroboros
    38] Fathers & Suns
    37] The Beginning
    36] Dear Dave
    35] Entangled
    34] Samsara
    33] Timeslides
    32] Rimmerworld
    31] Stasis Leak
    30] Camille
    29] Tikka to Ride
    28] Cassandra
    27] Thanks for the Memory
    26] Out of Time
    25] Terrorform
    24] Queeg
    23] Give & Take
    22] Me²
    21] Emohawk: Polymorph II
    20] Better Than Life
    19] Backwards
    18] Holoship
    17] The Inquisitor
    16] Justice
    15] Trojan
    14] Dimension Jump
    13] Bodyswap
    12] Future Echoes
    11] DNA

    And the top ten...

    10] Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    9] Kryten
    8] Meltdown
    7] Legion
    6] Quarantine
    5] Marooned
    4] Back to Reality
    3] White Hole
    2] Officer Rimmer
    1] Polymorph

    In terms of how I scored them in the Series I-XI scores thread, Confidence & Paranoia should be below Krysis, The Last Day, Nanarchy, Back in the Red: Part 1 and Demons & Angels. However, I know I’d rather watch Confidence & Paranoia than the others so I put it higher.

    Also by those aforementioned scores, White Hole should be below Back to Reality. Back to Reality has the better story and I’d even say it’s funnier too. But personally what White Hole has over it is that it makes better use of all the main cast (thinking about Holly’s key part); and the “What is it?” scene and climax of the episode (playing pool with planets and Kryten’s final remark to Rimmer) are among the best things Dwarf’s ever done. All IMO, of course.

    And Meltdown and Legion were almost impossible to separate. I ended up giving the nod to Legion simply because I like the character and concept of Legion a lot (plus I didn’t want joint seventh places)! The Pete two-parter was also hard to separate, but not for the same reasons!

    And yep, Officer Rimmer is my second favourite episode of Red Dwarf ever. For now, at least…
  10. OurJud

    OurJud Deck Sergeant

    Nov 11, 2008
    You've listed Beyond a Joke in very last place.

    I refuse to play your game.
  11. AJ Smeggnog

    AJ Smeggnog Second Technician

    Apr 18, 2011
    That was the old me, the new me thinks it's only ninth worst (or 59th best to put a positive spin on it)!
  12. OurJud

    OurJud Deck Sergeant

    Nov 11, 2008
    So k - I was only half joking. I know I'm in the minority liking series VII.
  13. Santa Paws

    Santa Paws Flight Co-Ordinator

    Feb 17, 2013
    Wherever the catnip is
    I can't list the entire lot either, though my favourite is Dimension Jump, followed by Krysis, and after that, it's every episode for itself. :-D

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