So you think you know Red Dwarf? Well, here's your chance to prove it. The rules are simple - answer each question, hand your answers to Holly for marking, memory drugs are banned, and please don't answer "I am a fish" to everything!

Title: 25th Anniversary Quiz 25th Anniversary Quiz
Description: Test your knowledge on every year of Red Dwarf's first quarter-century!

Title: Guest Stars Quiz Guest Stars Quiz
Description: How well do you know your Red Dwarf alumni?

Title: Series X Quiz Series X Quiz
Description: How much attention were you paying to the latest series on Dave?

Title: Kochanski Quiz Kochanski Quiz
Description: How well do you know Lister's dream woman?

Title: Back To Earth Quiz Back To Earth Quiz
Description: You'd better know your stuff!

Title: Quiz Of The Years Quiz Of The Years
Description: 2009 has arrived - but how much do you know about Red Dwarf's complex dating?

Title: Halloween Quiz Halloween Quiz
Description: Spook yourself silly with 20 questions about Red Dwarf's ickiest horrors.

Title: Radio Show Quiz II Radio Show Quiz II
Description: Time to test your mettle on the Better Than Life audiobook.

Title: Radio Show Quiz Radio Show Quiz
Description: Just how much have you learnt from the Infinity audiobook?

Title: Anniversary Quiz Anniversary Quiz
Description: Testing your knowledge of 20 years of Red Dwarf.

Title: Beat The Geek Quiz - Part 1 Beat The Geek Quiz - Part 1
Description: Part one of our quiz - featuring unseen Geek material!

Title: Beat The Geek Quiz - Part 2 Beat The Geek Quiz - Part 2
Description: Unseen Geek quiz material - part two!

Title: Valentine Quiz Valentine Quiz
Description: Test your knowledge of the loves and losses of Red Dwarf in our online quiz.

Title: Lister Quiz Lister Quiz
Description: Just how well do you know Red Dwarf's last human?

Title: Rimmer Quiz Rimmer Quiz
Description: Harder than the astro-navigation exam. Become an expert in Rimmerology with our online quiz.

Title: Cat Quiz Cat Quiz
Description: How well do you know the universe's best-dressed feline?

Title: Kryten Quiz Kryten Quiz
Description: Test your metal! How well do you really know Red Dwarf's cleanest mechanoid?

Title: Series I Quiz Series I Quiz
Description: Here's hoping you paid attention while watching the new DVD...

Title: Series II Quiz Series II Quiz
Description: Test your knowledge on Red Dwarf's second series - and no cheating!

Title: Series III Quiz Series III Quiz
Description: Do you know your polymorphs from your mechanoids, your timeslides from your time holes? Prove it!

Title: Series IV Quiz Series IV Quiz
Description: So you think you know your Red Dwarf IV trivia do you? It's time to put it to the test!

Title: Series V Quiz Series V Quiz
Description: Test your recently-acquired series expertise with our brand new quiz.

Title: Series VI Quiz Series VI Quiz
Description: Seriously - how much can one person possibly know about Space Corps directives?

Title: Series VII Quiz Series VII Quiz
Description: Test your Dwarfian mettle with five rounds of taxing questions.

Title: Series VIII Quiz Series VIII Quiz
Description: How much do you know about Red Dwarf's final series?

Red Dwarf X

Red Dwarf Series II

Red Dwarf Series II

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