Geek Chase Walkthough seriously recommends you only use this guide as a last resort. Remember, the confusion is part of the fun!

(Highlight invisible text with your cursor to view...)

  1. Start at DIVA-DROID site -
  2. Go to DIVA-DROID Promotion page, watch Hudzen video, take note of the reference number shown at start.
  3. Go to DIVA-DROID History page, follow link to ANDROIDS website.
  4. Complete quiz on ANDROIDS Highlights page using info from the various DIVA-DROID and ANDROIDS website pages. This allows you to access a Highlights page.
  5. Watch Androids video clip in Highlights. Clip shows address for CRAPOLA site.
  6. Go to CRAPOLA site, Shop page. Send email to address to receive a buyer password.
  7. Read ANDROIDS message board, follow link in CapstonsBoss post to GENETICON website.
  8. Follow 'event sponsor' link from GENETICON to LEISUREWORLD INTERNATIONAL.
  10. Follow information link from JUPITER MINING CORPORATION Vessels page to A.I. TODAY website article.
  11. A.I. TODAY 'Dozy Droid' story gives password for Diva-Droid support.
  12. Use that password on the DIVA-DROID site's Support page.
  13. Enter Hudzen code from the Diva-Droid video into DIVA-DROID Support section.
  14. Download Hudzen manual.
  15. Open manual PDF, skip to final page for the handwritten password note.
  17. Go to ANDROIDS Comments page, follow link in Duane Dibbley posts to DIBBLEY site.
  18. DIBBLEY site is password protected with a 9-letter word. They can be found as follows:
  19. ANDROIDS Comments. Try to post a comment with the box at the bottom of the page, then scroll to bottom of error screen.
  20. CRAPOLA Shop. Click on Pet Translator image.
  21. DIVA-DROID Products, click on Kryten image.
  22. ANDROIDS Characters section, click on Gary image.
  23. ANDROIDS Makers section, click on Jordan Kershaw image.
  24. DIVA-DROID Promotion, play Wired Up game. Beat the computer to get the letter.
  25. CRAPOLA Kids page, complete Push the Button game with a score of 33+.
  26. JUPITER MINING Jobs page, click Captain's Table image.
  27. JUPITER MINING home page, click Groovy Channel 27 advertisement.
  28. Having found those letters, enter the word they form into the DIBBLEY home page to access rest of the site.
  29. DIBBLEY Journal includes note of an 'invisotext' hack on a 'hard to find' JMC page.
  30. Go to CRAPOLA, click for the Recall information, located on the side menu.
  31. Take note to search for the software reference number.
  32. Go to JUPITER MINING site. Enter software reference number into Search bar.
  33. When result arrives at JUPITER MINING, highlight all text on screen.
  35. Go to DIBBLEY Gallery page. Image shows the address for the HOLOPOINT site.
  36. HOLOPOINT news item 'JMC Say Yes' includes hint of a 'hidden area'.
  37. Click the HOLOPOINT company director's signature to access hidden area. Take note of JMC personnel password.
  38. Go to JUPITER MINING Personnel page and enter JMC personnel password.
  39. JUPITER MINING Personnel page. Read details of crew member Sam Murray - he posts on TV show message boards, and creates messages that can only be seen between certain hours.
  40. Visit ANDROIDS Comments section between those hours (UK time) to learn the shopping list glitch.
  41. On CRAPOLA Shop, select the items listed in Sam's Androids post and take them to Checkout.
  43. Go to DIVA-DROID site Contact page. Enter the three passwords.
  44. Mamet's profile appears, including email address.
  45. COMPLETE COMPETITION: Send an email to Professor Mamet.