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Any series of Red Dwarf benefits from the availability of as strong a set of central actors as the show's main foursome - and Series X was able to call upon the whole group. Extricating Craig Charles from his ongoing commitments on Coronation Street was perhaps the biggest obstacle to the production of the series in the first place - but producers at Granada were generous in temporarily writing out his character while leaving the door open for his return once work at Shepperton was complete.

Particularly crucial guest roles in Series X involved characters that were required to resemble one of the existing cast, both physically and in their performances. Not one, not two, but three characters needed to be recognisable as branches of the Rimmer family tree. Mark Dexter, another in the line of actors to have appeared in both Doctor Who and Red Dwarf and a 2010-era contemporary of Craig on Coronation Street, had perhaps the toughest task in Trojan - playing Howard Rimmer as clearly Arnold's brother while also a distinct character of his own.

Elsewhere, Simon Treves stepped into the role briefly played by the late John Abineri in Series II, adding a crueller edge to the now "Lecturer" Rimmer Sr. Philip Labey, meanwhile, was cast at extremely late notice for his small but crucial role as the young Arnold Rimmer - but his resemblance and mannerisms were so uncanny, some fans wondered if the casting department hadn't actually cracked human cloning and tried it out on Chris Barrie!

There was a welcome return this series for a favoured previous guest star, too. Richard O'Callaghan had originally got involved with Red Dwarf when helping out with pre-production of the ill-fated movie, joining in with table script readings in the role of deranged droid Hogey the Roguey. The hugely charming thesp had subsequently played a significant role in Back to Earth as The Creator, but made a surprise return in The Beginning by donning heavy makeup to finally play Hogey - his name even attracting a small cheer from some fans when introduced at the episode recording.

A particularly guest-heavy episode, The Beginning also found room for the frankly terrifying Gary Cady as simulant leader Dominator Zlurth. Another former Doctor Who and Corrie hand, Cady reportedly only realised he was shooting a comedy following the end of his first scene! With his work on The 10%ers, he was already known to GNP - as was his subordinate Chancellor Wednesday, Alex Hardy having first worked with Doug on 2010 pilot Over to Bill.

But as well as the older hands, there was room for up-and-coming stars throughout the series - James Baxter excelling as a surprisingly North-Eastern-sounding Jesus of Caesaria, while Rebecca Blackstone turned in an eerie and memorable performance as fast-talking computer Pree in Fathers and Suns. A particularly late piece of casting was Sydney Stevenson - daughter of Robert Lindsay - who shot her scenes as Entangled's Professor "Irene E" in a single day after the main audience filming. And another Over to Bill discovery, Isla Ure, provided both vending machine voices in Dear Dave.

Smaller roles filled out by respected comic actors included Susan Earl's Sim Crawford, and Indira Joshi somewhat scene-stealing as Erin in Lemons. Voice-over artist Kerry Shale - yet another Who alum! - played both the medi-bot and Taiwan Tony in Fathers and Suns, while further scenes as the former were recorded for Trojan but ultimately cut. And almost twenty years after growling his way through a guest slot as Lister's Kinitawowi bride, Steven Wickham finally got to speak English onscreen as the BEGG chief!